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What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT)?

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 20-Dec-2021 12:49:47
What Is User Acceptance Testing and How Does It Work?Testing is well-understood, and acceptance denotes approval or agreement. In the context of a software product, the user is either the program's consumer or the person who asked that it be made for him or her (client).User Acceptance Testing (UAT), often known as beta or end-user evaluating, is the process of a user or client testing software to see whether it can be accepted. This is the last stage of testing after the functional, system, and regression tests have been completed.The major goal of this testing is to ensure that the ... Read More

What is Usability Testing? UX (User Experience) Testing Example

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:10:18
Usability TestingUsability testing often referred to as User Experience (UX) testing, is a way of determining how simple and consumer friendly a software product is. A small group of intended end-users uses software to uncover usability flaws. Usability testing concentrates on the user's convenience of the use of the program, the application's versatility in handling parameters, and the application's capacity to achieve its goals.This testing is advised at the SDLC's early stage of design, as it provides better insights into the users' needs.We will cover the following in this tutorial −What exactly is usability testing?Why is Usability Testing Performed?Usability Testing ... Read More

What is System Testing? (Definition, Types, Examples)

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 10:43:28
In software testing, what is system testing?System testing entails testing the whole system. All of the modules/components are linked together to see whether the system performs as planned. After Integration Testing, System Testing is carried out. This is crucial for producing high-quality output.Example of System TestingAn automobile is not built as a whole by a car manufacturer. Each component of the automobile, such as the seats, steering, mirror, brake, cable, engine, car structure, and wheels, is made independently.After each item is manufactured, it is tested separately to see whether it functions as intended. This is known as unit testing.Now, when ... Read More

What is State Transition Testing? (Technique, Example)

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 10:40:28
State Transition TestingState Transition testing is a kind of Black-box testing that may be used to test 'Finite State Machines.'A 'Finite State Machine (FSM)' is a system that, depending on the inputs or stimuli, will be in several discrete states (such as "ready, " "not ready, " "open, " "closed, " etc.).The discrete states that the system achieves are determined by the system's transition rules. A finite-state system is one that produces distinct outputs for the same input depending on its previous state.It's also known as "0-switch" coverage when every transaction is tested in the system. It's "1-switch" coverage if ... Read More

What is Smoke Testing?

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:07:20
Smoke TestingSmoke Testing is a software testing technique that identifies whether or not a software build that has been delivered is error free or not. Smoke testing confirms that the QA team can move on with further software testing. It is made up of a small collection of tests that are performed on each build to test programme functionality. Smoke testing is sometimes known as "Confidence Testing" or "Build Verification Testing."In layman's words, we're making sure that all of the critical features are operational so that there are no stumbling blocks in the current release.It is a short and quick ... Read More

What is Security Testing? (Types with Examples)

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Updated on 21-Dec-2021 06:08:11
What is the Purpose of Security Testing?Security testing is a sort of software testing that identifies vulnerabilities, hazards, and dangers in a software program and guards against intruder assaults. The goal of security tests is to find any potential flaws and vulnerabilities in the software system that might lead to a loss of data, income, or reputation at the hands of workers or outsiders.What are the Benefits of Security Testing?The basic purpose of security testing is to find and assess possible vulnerabilities in a system so that attacks may be faced and the system does not cease working or be ... Read More

What is Regression Testing? (Definition, Test Cases, Examples)

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:38:06
What is Regression Testing and How Does it Work?Regression testing is a sort of testing that is used to ensure that a software update does not affect the product's current functioning.This is to guarantee that any new functionality, bug patches, or modifications to current features don't break the product. In order to validate the effect of the modification, previously performed test cases are re-executed.Regression Testing is a sort of Software Testing in which test cases are re-run to see whether the application's prior functionality is still functioning and if the new changes have caused any new defects.When there is a ... Read More

What is Quality Assurance (QA)? (Process, Methods, Examples)

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 11:04:08
Let’s start by understanding what do we mean by quality and assurance before moving forward.Quality − Quality is difficult to describe, however it may be summarized as "suitable for use or purpose." It is all about satisfying the demands and requirements of consumers in terms of product performance, design, dependability, longevity, and pricing.Assurance − Assurance is simply a positive remark about a product or service that instills trust. It is the assurance that a product or service will operate properly. It ensures that the product will function properly and in accordance with the expectations or needs.Quality Assurance in Software TestingQuality ... Read More

Top Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 08:57:49
We've collected a list of the most often requested software testing questions and answers to familiarize you with the types of software tester interview questions that an examiner may ask you during your interview. We have addressed all often posed basic and advanced testing interview questions with extensive answers in this list of interview questions for software testing with answers to assist you in easily clear the software testing job interview.What exactly is exploratory testing?Exploratory testing is a practical learning method wherein testers are engaged in as little preparation as possible and as much test execution as possible. The plan ... Read More

Top QA Interview Questions & Answers

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Updated on 20-Dec-2021 09:01:40
We've put up a list of the most often requested Quality Assurance Interview Questions and Answers to familiarize you with the sorts of Quality Assurance interview questions you could be asked by the interviewer. We have tried to touch all areas of regularly requested QA questions and Quality Analyst interview questions with extensive answers in this list of SQA interview questions to assist you in easily passing the examination.To help you prepare for your forthcoming interview, we've touched nearly all relevant Quality Assurance Testing interview questions for new students as well as QA Testing interview questions for qualified engineers. This ... Read More