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What is Agile CRM

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 11:41:01
Agile CRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) software, provides a comprehensive set of features & tools. It helps with making businesses automate & streamline their sales, marketing, & customer service processes. All these techniques and tools are for meeting the requirements of small & medium-sized businesses. Agile CRM Features Agile CRM delivers various features. These features help businesses to manage their customer data, automate their marketing campaigns & streamline their sales functions. Some of the essential parts of Agile CRM include − Contact Management − Agile CRM allows businesses to store customer information or data in one place. The ... Read More

What is Agile Burnout and How to Deal with It?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 11:40:31
Agile burnout is different from normal burnout. It creates an unwanted situation where an Agile team member feels overworked by the workload pressure of Agile projects, becomes exhausted, and possibly loses interest. This can harm both their work efficiency and their mental well-being. The Agile teams may be more vulnerable to burnout so they must consistently create significant deliverables instead of working towards a single end goal. Teammates or their project leaders may focus too much on accomplishing as many goals as possible, completing one Agile iterative process or jumping and moving on to the next. The fact that the ... Read More

What do You Think About Sprint and Sprint Plan?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 11:40:01
Sprint is a time-boxed iteration in the Agile methodology used for software development. It is a crucial part of the Scrum framework. And widely utilized by organizations to develop high-quality software products. Sprint planning is an event held at the beginning of every sprint to plan and discuss the tasks to be accomplished during the sprint. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into what Sprint and Sprint planning entail, their importance, and best practices. What is a Sprint? A sprint is a time-boxed iteration in Agile methodology during which the team works on a set of tasks to ... Read More

What are the Top Agile Certification?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 11:38:48
Agile, a software development method, emphasizes flexibility, collaboration & continuous progress. The Agile approach has evolved as more popular in recent years, with many organizations embracing it as their preferred software development process. As it results, there has been a notable boost in Agile certifications. Here we will explore the top Agile certifications that are available in the market. Top Agile Certifications Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) It is one of the most famous Agile certifications in the market. The CSM certification is by the Scrum Alliance & is for people who want to learn the Scrum framework. Scrum is a framework ... Read More

What are the Story Points & How Do You Estimate Them?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 11:38:15
Estimating work effort is essential to plan & complete projects successfully in agile project management. Story points are one widely used method for calculating work effort in agile methodology. Story points help to provide a rough estimation of the size & complexity of user stories or requirements in a project. Here we discuss the concept of story points & the stages applied in estimating them. What are the Story Points? Story points are a measure of the relative effort or complexity of a user story or requirement in agile project management. Story points are assigned to each user story or ... Read More

What are the Pros and Cons of Agile Approach

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 11:37:42
Agile is a flexible approach to project management that prioritizes collaboration, adaptability, and self-organizing teams. It is based on the principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto and is designed to handle unpredictability and change. At its core, Agile is a mindset that emphasizes the ability to face uncertainty, experiment with solutions, receive feedback, and make adjustments accordingly. Agile methodology refers to the specific set of conventions, techniques, and procedures that a team follows for a particular project or situation. Types of Agile Methodology There are several popular types of Agile methodology, including − Scrum − a framework for Agile ... Read More

What are the Key Reasons Corporations are Using Agile Project Management?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 10:59:40
The Agile methodology has become increasingly popular among software development companies due to its success in delivering successful products. The focus on teamwork and customer satisfaction is key to the Agile approach and allows for a continuous evolution of project roadmaps based on changing customer needs. The Agile method provides companies with frameworks to manage projects in an efficient manner, listing all necessary project requirements and allowing for smooth progress. This approach is a significant improvement over the traditional waterfall method, which failed to take into account market changes, competitive shifts, and evolving consumer demands, leading to frequent project failures. ... Read More

What are the Four Core Values of Agile?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 28-Mar-2023 10:59:03
Since agile inception in 2001, the Agile Manifesto has sought to "discover good methods for creating software by performing it and aiding other people to do it. It’s like a document where the Agile Manifesto describes four core values of agile. This set of agile values promotes prioritizing people over processes, releasing software quickly, working with customers, and making necessary plan adjustments. So, in this section, we discussed four agile core values that will help you and your team create software more efficiently. Agile Development Agile development is a software development methodology that prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and rapid iteration. It ... Read More

What are the Characteristics of Agile?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 27-Mar-2023 13:46:02
Agile is a software development process that focuses on providing software outcomes iteratively & incrementally. Agile is a reply to the traditional, plan-driven software development methods that have been in service for many years. Here we will discuss the details of Agile. Characteristics of Agile Iterative and Incremental Development − Agile is all about developing software in gradual steps. It means every software is developed in a small size, with each chunk building upon the last one. Each increment is tested & reviewed & feedback is used to improve the next increment. Emphasis on Customer Collaboration − One of ... Read More

What Are the Challenges in Enterprise Agility?

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 27-Mar-2023 13:45:26
Companies must increasingly prioritize agility and the capacity to quickly adjust to change, according to the market. It's a necessity now, not just a nice-to-have. Furthermore, this extends well beyond helping to expand agile software development groups. The entire organization must be on board. In this article we will discuss clearly about Enterprise agility and what are the challenges present in it. So, let’s start. Enterprise Agility These days, the majority of IT and development teams operate, at least in part, according to agile principles. Other divisions inside the company, however, frequently are not. Because of the stress this causes, development teams ... Read More