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Microencapsulation-Technology and Application

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 12-Apr-2023 13:03:58


A Farther Insight Microencapsulation is a technology that has been used for several decades in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. It involves the process of enclosing tiny particles or droplets within a protective shell to create a new substance with unique properties. The technology has gained a lot of attention over the years due to its numerous benefits, including controlled release, increased shelf life, targeted delivery, and improved product stability. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of microencapsulation technology and its applications. Overview of Microencapsulation Technology Microencapsulation technology involves the creation of tiny capsules that ... Read More

Microencapsulation as Delivery System

Anusha Karthik
Updated on 12-Apr-2023 13:00:09


Introduction Microencapsulation is a process of enclosing tiny droplets of substances within a coating or shell to protect and deliver them to a target site. This technique has gained tremendous popularity in recent years as it offers many advantages over conventional delivery systems. Microencapsulation is a highly versatile technique that can be used for the delivery of a wide range of substances, including drugs, flavours, fragrances, and probiotics. In this article, we will explore the potential of microencapsulation as a delivery system and its applications in various fields. Microencapsulation is a technique that has been used for many years ... Read More