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Diff a Directory for Only Files of a Specific Type on Linux

Kunal Verma
Updated on 19-Dec-2022 12:25:45
In this article, we are going to learn how to Diff a directory for only files of a specific type in Linux. Abstract In Linux, a frequently used operation is used for comparing files and identifying their differences. It is very helpful while comparing complicated code or in the configuration of files. Linux has a powerful built-in tool called diff that is used to compare directories It is error-free and also saves time. Here are a few examples that will help us learn how to apply these intriguing and adaptable commands, Diff command Using the Diff command, we can compare ... Read More

Get the Full Path of a File in Linux

Kunal Verma
Updated on 19-Dec-2022 12:24:00
Abstract Every file and folder in Linux has a path that directs the user to it. This path is required for programs and scripts to locate and access files. There are various ways to locate the path to a file or folder if you need to. We can get a full file path with different commands on a Linux machine. In other words, if its arguments were supplied, this command would return the pathnames of the files that would be run in the current context. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to obtain a file's complete path in Linux. ... Read More

What is the difference between Mercurial and Git

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 16:02:25
Introduction When it comes to getting started, maintaining efficiency and velocity, or improving team performance, Version Control Systems (VCS) can be a fundamental component for DevOps teams. As well as supporting the mechanical actions required by DevOps – tracking changes, documenting changes, merging data, and more – an effective VCS must also support the needs of the developers – intuitive command syntax, visibility into changes, etc. - since it is constantly used by developers.  During the past decade, distributed VCS has gained widespread popularity, where copies of a single source of truth repository are shared - or cloned - out ... Read More

Tips to write a clean commit history in Git

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 16:01:01
Introduction Git is one of the most important tools. Not only does Git keep a history of projects, but it also makes collaboration easy between teams. Although it is such a valuable tool, it is often overlooked or underutilized. Clean Git history tells the story of a project and is easy to understand. The process of adding features and implementing them is evident. Clean Git histories are something I cherish on a project. The good news is, maintaining a clean history is not difficult. Here are some tips for achieving a clean history in git What is Git history The ... Read More

What is a Git Repository?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 16:00:08
Introduction In the field of distributed version control systems (DVCS), Git is the most widely used system for tracking changes over time and collaborating with other developers. Whether you're a team of software developers working on an enterprise project or a single programmer working on your local files, Git is an extremely powerful tool for software development. Creating a Git repository is the first step after installing Git. The goal of this article is to explain what a Git repository is, how it works, and how to create and configure one. What is a Git Repository A Git repository stores ... Read More

What is GitOps?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 15:58:09
Introduction The GitOps methodology organizes and maintains the infrastructure for a project. By pushing a change to source control, a git commit triggers an update to cloud infrastructure or applications. In GitOps, changes in Git trigger builds and deployments of infrastructure and applications, so Git is the only source of truth. It is common for companies to use GitOps in conjunction with Kubernetes as their container orchestration platform. In this article, we will explore Gitops in detail and why we need to use them What is GitOps GitOps is a subdiscipline of DevOps with similar aims, including speed and efficiency. ... Read More

What is bare Git repository?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 15:56:43
Introduction Bare repositories are the same as default, but they cannot be committed to. Bare repositories do not have a working tree, so they cannot track changes made to projects. All project files/subdirectories are stored in a working tree. All project files are stored in a specific folder within the bare repository, which is basically a .git folder. In this article, we will explore more about bare repositories What is Git Repository A Git repository contains a collection of files and folders that track the history of your codebase's changes. It has been extremely useful for me as a ... Read More

How to read a Specific Line From a File in Linux?

Satish Kumar
Updated on 01-Dec-2022 09:14:25
When working with the Linux shell, reading text files is often an important operation. Sometimes, we may be interested in reading a specific line from a file. We’ll take a look at different ways to get a specific piece of text out of a file. The actual Problem Let’s take a look at an example. let's say we have a file called "test.txt" − $ nl test.txt 1 This is line 1, I don't have any interesting data. 2 This is line 2, I don't have any interesting data. 3 This is line 3, I don't have any interesting data. ... Read More

How to find total physical memory (RAM) size on Linux?

Satish Kumar
Updated on 01-Dec-2022 09:03:16
We can often get away without checking for total memory usage on servers running Linux. However, sometimes we may want to know the total memory available on our servers. Luckily, there are various ways to accomplish this task. In this tutorial, I’ll show you some of them. Using free Command free is the simplest among the various commands we'll encounter. It's used to display the current amount of physical and virtual RAM (RAM) being utilized by your system. By default, it outputs to standard out. You can run the free utility without any flags to get an idea about how ... Read More

How to restart a NoSQL Database service like MongoDB?

Satish Kumar
Updated on 01-Dec-2022 08:57:14
If we're going to use a NoSQL DB for our app, then we want something fast and easy to use. We learn that "NoSQL" doesn't necessarily imply "no maintenance". We think about using managed hosting services like MongoDB's Atlas or Amazon's DynamoDB, but we choose to host it ourselves, whether on our premises or in our own cloud instance. We evaluate several NoSQL options including Redis and Cassandra and pick MongoDB. We may be able to get it installed by installing it from our Linux distribution, using Mongo’s repositories, or using a snap. But if something goes wrong, we might ... Read More