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Two Stories about Flying

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 16:07:36
Chapter Summary “Two Stories about Flying” represents two different stories in different two parts from two different authors. The first part explores the younger bird seagull. It demonstrates how the bird is afraid to fly for the first time. Seagull has the feeling that its wing will not support it to fly. This story also demonstrated how Seagull looks for his parents to teach others how to fly. This story elaborates on a beautiful narration of how the bird overcomes its fear and becomes able to fly. The second part of the story elaborates on how a pilot lost ... Read More

The Sermon at Banaras

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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 15:35:07
Chapter Summary “The Sermon at Benares” by Betty Renshaw sheds light on the early life of Lord Buddha, the chronicler of Buddhism in the world. The story outlines that Lord Buddha was originally born as a prince in the royal family but later he chose the path of spirituality and became the Guru of the Buddhists all around the world. The story described the way Lord Buddha left his prince hood considering the pain and suffering of the world. In addition, the story outlines that, after Lord Buddha left his prince hood, he went in search of salvation and ... Read More

The Hundred Dresses - I

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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 15:30:14
Chapter Summary “The Hundred Dresses” is a story by the author Eleanor Estes and this story is written from the experience gathered from real-life instances. This story deals with the mental toll, people have to face as a part of discrimination that is done to them due to their respective appearances, differences in caste and ethnicity. However, this not only affects the person but their way of living and envisioning the society. This story is about a girl named Wanda, the protagonist, who gets teased and humiliated every day by her classmates for her appearance and clothing. However, she ... Read More

The Hundred Dresses - II

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Updated on 06-Jan-2023 15:24:15
Chapter summary The story of “The Hundred Dresses” is based on real-life experiences of the author, Eleanor Estes. The second part of the text continues with the protagonist Wanda Petronski, where the disclosure has been made for the reason that lies behind the absence of Wanda in school. However, it is known that the family of Petronski decided to get transferred to the big city, where no one would notice about their names and clothes. All this information was known from the letter sent to the school by Mr. Petronski, which made everyone in the classroom quite shocked. However, ... Read More

The Proposal

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Updated on 02-Jan-2023 15:32:50
Chapter Summary “The Proposal” by Anton Chekov is a one-act play that talks about the tendencies of wealthy families to seek ties with other wealthy families to expand their wealth through the process of encouraging marriages which is mainly observed in the sense of economic facts. It is a play which shows the quarrelsome nature of all the characters and also displays how a wealthy family ruthlessly encouraged marriage to improve their economic status. Ivan Lomov is the principal protagonist who is a wealthy neighbour of Stepan Chubukov. He is seeking a groom for his twenty-five-year-old daughter, Natalya. There are ... Read More

A Letter to God

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Updated on 28-Dec-2022 16:14:25
Chapter Summary “A letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes takes place in a Latin American country where Lencho, the protagonist of the story writes a letter to God every day, seeking a hundred pesos for his destroyed corps. Lencho was a farmer who one day discovered that his entire crop field has been destroyed by a devastating hailstorm. The story described the way Lencho believed that one day God is going to help him by sending the money he wanted. The demand of Lencho was partially fulfilled. As the story progresses toward the end, Lencho remained ungrateful to God ... Read More

Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

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Updated on 28-Dec-2022 16:28:45
Chapter Summary The story “Long Walk to Freedom” is the autobiography of former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. This storyline represents the journey of Nelson Mandela for the freedom of South Africa. It also includes the inauguration ceremony and speech for the journey and struggle of all freedom fighters. This story signifies the journey of all the people who participated in the war for freedom for South Africa. One thing which was South Africa is known for its bad practice of apartheid which is discrimination of the citizens based on race and colour. This story also describes the ... Read More

Mijbil The Otter

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Updated on 28-Dec-2022 16:40:46
Chapter Summary “Mijbil the Otter” by Gavin Maxwell is a beautiful story that describes the relationship between the writer and the Mijbil. The story craftily showcases the way the author’s life was altered after he decided to keep an otter. The author has taken the readers on a journey and experience of his interaction and connection with Mijbil, the otter. The primary incidents of the story took place during the journey from Iraq to London via flight. The author outlined that Mijbil created a scene in the plane and ‘almost scared everyone with his mischievous actions. Despite the issues ... Read More

Madam Rides The Bus

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Updated on 28-Dec-2022 15:22:06
Chapter Summary “Madam Rides the Bus” by Vallikkannan is a sensitive story that describes the bus journey of an eight-year-old girl who stepped into the outer world for the first time. The story followed Valli, an eight-year-old girl who lived near a bus stop village. Once, she developed a strong desire to ride a bus and to make it possible, she reduced her expenses and gathered enough money for the two-way fair. On her journey to the town by bus, Valli felt independent and enjoys her journey throughout. At the time of her return, the sad sight of a dead ... Read More

Glimpses of India

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Updated on 28-Dec-2022 15:10:30
Chapter Summary The text “Glimpses of India”, consists of three different short stories from different parts of India providing the readers with knowledge. The first story named, “a baker from Goa” is by the author named, Lucio Rodrigues and that encompasses about the childhood memories of the author relating to the profession of the bakery and the “old Portuguese days”. The next story named Coorg, by the author, Lokesh Abrol caters to the vivid description of the place Coorg that is situated in the state of Karnataka. In this piece, the author predominantly talks about beautiful scenic landscapes, wildlife, people, ... Read More