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Need of Cybersecurity in Your Organization

Jui Mondal
Updated on 06-Jan-2023 11:48:36
Cybersecurity in a nutshell With the rise of online business and the increasing reliance on computer systems, cases of cyberattacks have grown exponentially. Thus, cybersecurity has become a big concern for companies and individuals alike. Cybersecurity protects your computer systems from unauthorized access or theft of data. It includes both hardware and software security measures. There could be different cyber-attacks, including viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and denial-of-service attacks. Viruses are malicious software that can infect a computer system and spread to other computers. Malware is also malicious software designed to damage or disable a computer system. Phishing attacks trick online ... Read More

What is Cyber Crime and Mobile Security Threat?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 22-Mar-2022 06:23:20
A cyber-crime is a criminal act in which someone targets a computer or a network of devices in order to gain illegal rights, steal data from them, frauds etc. This type of crime is carried out using technology which primarily takes place online.Some cyber-crime includes the following −HarassmentCyber-stalkingBullyingTypes of Cyber-crimesThe types of cyber crimes are as follows −HackingIt is a type of cyber crime in which a person tries to identify and exploit weakness in a computer system or a computer network for his own benefits.Some types of hacking are given below −Social Engineering & PhishingMalware-Injecting DevicesCracking PasswordsDistributed Denial-of-ServiceVirus disseminationVirus ... Read More

What is Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 17-Mar-2022 06:50:53
Cybercrime is any type of illegal activity that takes place via digital means. Data theft is, of course, one of the most common types of cybercrime, but cybercrime also includes a wide range of malicious activity as well, such as cyberbullying or planting worms or viruses.Cybercrimes are divided into two different categories as follows −Those that cause intentional damageThose that can cause unintentional damage.A cybercrime is a criminal act in which someone targets a computer or a network of devices in order to gain illegal rights, steal data from them, frauds etc.This type of crime is carried out using technology ... Read More

Ransomware Attack – The Modern Ways of Cyber Extortion

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 09:49:04
The recent ransomware attack has changed the definition of centuries-old style of demanding ransom. Typically what we know earlier that, the bad guys kidnapped a person or an item and held captive to extort money or property to secure their release. That is the typical way of demanding ransom which we sometimes found in our national and international newspapers as well as in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies where similar stories are kept on playing.But, most of us may not ever thought of those files and folders on your desktops, laptops, and smartphones which can be locked and hold for ... Read More

Delhi Government Launches Bus Marshalls to ensure women’s safety

Knowledge base
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
The Delhi government took initiative to deploy Bus Marshalls who are none but Police Home guards to look after women safety in the capital city, New Delhi. It was on June 24th, 2015 this was started and 2000 Bus Marshalls were deployed immediately.But for every fortnight another 500 were deployed since then to meet the required number to ensure the safety of women in buses and bus stands.These Bus Marshalls not only take care of women’s safety but also see that the buses stop at bus stops without any problem to the citizens. Later on, DTC also got equipped with ... Read More

What is NDPS Act?

Shankar Bhatt
Updated on 25-Jun-2020 11:59:33
The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 is generally referred to as the NDPS Act, which prohibits any individual who is engaged in any activity consisting of producing, cultivating, selling, purchasing, transporting, storing, and/or consuming any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance.When Was It Introduced?The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances bill was presented in the Lok Sabha on 23 August 1985 and later, passed by both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Later on, the then President Giani Zail Singh received this on 16 September 1985 and came into force on 14 Nov 1985.

What should I do if someone copies my website/blog content?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 07:27:52
Whenever you find that your content has been copied, don't wait to take action but at the same time, don't jump the gun by shooting off a legal notice right away. That would be your last resort and before that, you need to try a few easier methods to sort out the problem.Intimate with A Polite NoteYou could begin by sending a mail-in polite but firm language so that the copier gets the message that he's dealing with someone who knows how things work online. Get a screenshot of the copied content on his webpage and highlight it in red ... Read More

How effectively is the Indian government dealing with cyber crime?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 28-Apr-2022 08:28:37
The term 'cybercrime' is actually non-existent in any law or legislation in India although the phenomena itself is widely recognized for what it is - any crime that is committed using a computer system. To deal with such crimes, the Indian Penal Code 1860 is good enough and other legislations are considered adequate as to date.Measures Have Been TakenConsidering India's reputation as the leading hub of offshore IT services, not much was done to improve the situation with respect to cyber crimes. However, the government of the day has taken e-governance quite seriously in order to reach out to the ... Read More

How to bring Modi-Malya and other scamsters back to India?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 12:26:35
In my opinion, it all depends on the desire and willingness of the government of the day to pursue such criminals and get them back. One can understand the difficulty in getting back gangster turned terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and other such criminals back into the country as they are under the special protection of the Pakistani state machinery. That’s not the case with scammers like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi along with Mehul Choksi. I’ll emphasize again that it all depends on the willingness and determination of the current government to pursue such criminals and bring them back into the ... Read More

What is the reason behind Naxalism in India and how can we get rid of it?

Rashmi Iyer
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Naxalism as an alarming issue took roots in India in from the early 1960s. It began as a movement to oppose the ‘Zamindari System’. The roots of Naxalism started deepening with the incident that happened on 24th May 1967 where a landlord was attacked and a peasant riot emerged which sparked the flame of the massive fire.Following are the causes that Naxalism has become one of the biggest challenges in India today.Colonial Legacy and impact on agriculture − The British rule in India somewhere sowed the seeds of Naxalism. The Zamindari and taxation served as a severe blow to the ... Read More