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Difference between Kanban and Scrum

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 22-Jul-2022 07:36:52
Kanban and Scrum are both process tools used in Agile software development. The primary goal of the two is to increase efficiency in software development processes.Kanban is an approach that involves breaking down work into small deliverables and assigning specific tasks to team members. The Kanban method aids in the perception of software development as a whole system. Its primary goal is to gradually improve the entire development system.Read through this article to find out more about Kanban and Scrum and how they are different from each other.What is Kanban?Kanban is a visual management approach used for the workplace. It ... Read More

Difference between Agile and DevOps

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 05-Jul-2022 12:33:28
There are three key milestones in the evolution of software development. The waterfall method, which focuses on the time required to release a product, was introduced first. The agile technique followed, which optimised the development life cycle.DevOps now aims to bring development and operations together as a single team. It boosts productivity, promotes collaboration, and produces better goods.What Exactly is Agile?In the SDLC process, Agile Methodology entails continual iteration of development and testing. This style of software development focuses on iterative, incremental, and evolutionary development.The agile development approach divides the product into smaller components and assembles them for final testing. ... Read More

How to Make Agile Project Development More Effective in a Distributed Team?

Revathy Nair
Updated on 20-Apr-2022 08:11:00
What is Agile Project Development?Agile Project Development is an iterative approach that delivers maximum value in the time and budget allowed against the business. It is quite different from traditional management. Agile empowers professionals to adhere to immediate changes while undergoing a project. These changes are the feedback received after the completion of every phase.Agile Project Development is a people- and result-focused approach. It is flexible and fast, and aims for contiguous developmental improvements. Unlike traditional methods, the main aim of Agile Development is to get benefits throughout the development of a project rather than only achieving towards completion.The most ... Read More

How to Implement Agile in a Regulated Environment?

Revathy Nair
Updated on 20-Apr-2022 08:08:52
What is an Agile platform?Agile is a wayto manage a project in the most effective way possible, breaking it up into several phases that go through the process of planning, executing, and evaluating. This is the reason why Agile is also considered an iterative approach to the management of a project and software development.Agile requires a cultural shift in the organization and as its team operates with smaller teams, several skeptics worry about certain issues. Lack of accountability might be one of the reasons why multiple smaller teams are formed.What is a Regulated Environment?Any controlled or structured environment in a ... Read More

How to Combine Agile and Traditional Methodologies?

Revathy Nair
Updated on 20-Apr-2022 07:54:32
What is an Agile Methodology?Agile is a wayto manage a project in the most effective way possible with the involvement of software development. It involves teamwork, collaboration, constant feedback, and flexibility to respond to continuous changes. Agile methodology requires a cultural shift in the organization and as its team operates with smaller teams, several skeptics worry about certain issues. Lack of accountability might be one of the reasons why multiple smaller teams are formed.While there are tons of different project management approaches, the right approach should be made keeping in mind the requirement and the nature of the project.The key ... Read More

Agile Methodology Implementation in Public Sector

Revathy Nair
Updated on 20-Apr-2022 07:52:33
To develop software and manage numerous projects, government agencies are looking forward to using new ways of working. Agile methodology could prove to be the best approach. Agile focuses on iterative and incremental approaches to work on a project or developing software. Agile is a work process that has been used by the private industry for more than two decades, and now government organizations are also looking forward to using this process.Challenges Faced by Government Organizations to Imply AgileUsing Agile in Government Projects can be challenging. Agile methodologies are completely different from the traditional project management methodologies and government organizations ... Read More

What is Agile Testing? (Process, Strategy, Test Plan, Life Cycle Example)

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 09-Jun-2021 12:19:19
What is Agile Testing?Agile Testing is a method of testing that adheres to the rules and concepts of agile software development. Unlike the Waterfall technique, Agile Testing may commence at the beginning of a project with continuous integration of testing and development. The agile testing approach is not chronological (in the sense that it is only conducted after the coding process), but rather consistent.In this article, we will talk about −Agile Test PlanAgile Testing StrategiesThe Agile Testing QuadrantQA challenges with agile software developmentRisk of Automation in Agile ProcessAgile Test PlanThe kind of test performed in that iteration are included in ... Read More

Explain Agile Software Process and its Principles

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 13-May-2021 12:15:19
The Agile Manifesto first appeared in 2001. It sought to alter the software creation process. The manifesto has four key aspects, but few people are aware of the 12 Agile Principles. They provide more specific explanations of the process in which agile product development can be carried out. After many years, nearly all companies claim that they provide "agile services", but most only pay lip service to the Agile Manifesto's ideas and concepts. The software development industry has also evolved dramatically. It's worth revisiting the agile standards to check their meanings and whether they're still relevant.Timely and Consistent Delivery of ... Read More

Difference Between Agile and Waterfall

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 24-Nov-2022 12:13:26
In software development, there are several software development life cycle (SDLC) models available. Each of these models follows a set of phases that are unique to its type to ensure the successful software development. This article is meant for explaining the two software development life cycle models that are Agile Model and Waterfall Model. In this article, we will also discuss the important differences between the agile model and the waterfall model. What is Agile Model? Agile model is the type software development life cycle model which allows the continuous interaction of the development and testing during the ... Read More

Agile Software Process and its Principles?

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 18-Mar-2021 10:53:43
IntroductionIn case of software engineering, the software development takes a major chunk of the whole process. While Software development itself means dividing the whole development into multiple phases such as designing, product management, project management etc., organizations across the world follow various software development methodologies for successful project management.Various methodologies such as Agile methodologies, Waterfall model, DevOps deployment, Rapid application development etc. used by different organizations and all of them have their own share of pros and cons. However it’s the Agile software development methodology, which is widely used across the globe due to its iterative development approach.What is Agile ... Read More