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Customizing SAP ERP industry specific

Nikitha N
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
SAP provides a lot of offerings which are industry specifics and can be altered/ modified within limits to serve the purpose. Offerings include industries ranging from Sales, HR, Plant maintenance and others. One can customize the existing system to serve the needs but the customization is not extensive and basically revolves around a change in settings, altering configuration tables and adding custom things.You can develop custom things to serve a requirement which is out of the box. SAP provides a complete development environment. The same environment is used to develop the standard offerings so we can create our own custom ... Read More

Architecture for Deploying SAP HR module

Nishtha Thakur
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
It would be good to separate the HR from other modules as not only the load and usage is high on HRmodule but the business and security requirements differ for HR module as well.In such scenarios, other module can be customized in terms of security and configured as per theirneeds. Also separating the Central instance and database to different machine is a very commonapproach but can be avoided too by configuring the Central instance to adjust the load.

Programmer to be an SAP Functional Consultant - HR or MM

Akshaya Akki
Updated on 06-Dec-2019 11:10:53
SAP HR is an old module and there are only a few companies which are doing the implementation of old modules onSAP. Moreover, SAP HR has sub-modules like Payroll, Personal Administration, Time Management, etc.If you go for a course in SAP HR, it would only give you conceptual knowledge but it would be tough to use that in companies independently. It is recommended that to join as SAP Module functional consultant you should have some prior experience in the same field. Also being a programmer, I feel that you won’t like generating test data, testing reports, writing specification on the ... Read More