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Details available under M_BLOCKED_TRANSACTIONS System View in SAP HANA

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 12-Mar-2020 10:40:32


The following information is available under SAP HANA M_BLOCKED_TRANSACTIONS System View

Data compression in SAP HANA

Updated on 06-Mar-2020 06:07:38


In SAP HANA, there are various methods and algorithms that you can use to store data in Column based structure- Dictionary Compressed, Run Length Compressed and many more.In Dictionary Compressed, cells are stored in form of numbers in tables and numeral cells are always performance optimized as compared to characters.In Run length compressed, it saves the multiplier with cell value in numerical format and multiplier shows repetitive value in the table.Compression is calculated using Compression factor. Compression factor refers to the ratio of the uncompressed data size to the compressed data size in SAP HANA.In SAP HANA, Compression is performed ... Read More

Getting an error while previewing swf file from XML data in SAP Dashboard Designer

John SAP
Updated on 15-Jun-2020 12:06:33


There could be multiple reasons that this error comes up. Try below steps:Adobe Global Security Settings changesMade entries in windows host file andAdded SAP server as trusted site in IEThis purely seems to be a security setting issue in Adobe Flash Player. There are various SAP notes that you can search however I am not aware any relevant one.

Calling SAP Web Service to get data in Flash dashboard

Updated on 10-Dec-2019 10:23:22


You can also try hosting your Flash application on SAP box. Following approaches can be used:Using Transaction: SICF, you can change the default host’s default service to point to BSP application and then add crossdomain.xml file as MIME.You can also configure ICM to manage this and it sits between the outside world making HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP requests and the SAP System.Method 1:First, you need to create a BSP application -> Create -> MIME Object and import crossdomain.xml file and activate the application. Next is to execute transaction SIC with default settings -> Double click the default_host, go to the Default ... Read More

Assigning debug roles to few users of SAP ABAP program

Updated on 06-Dec-2019 11:14:34


Hope the role that you have added contains only one permission:Object S_DEVELOP    ACTVT = 03    DEVCLASS = *    OBJNAME = *    OBJTYPE = DEBUG    P_GROUP = *Try to perform a permission trace usingTransaction ST01If you still don’t find a check for the permission, there might be a problem in generating roles in the system. Sometimes when you add a role, it might add a different set of roles to such users.There might be a different program written for Debugging. This can be checked using Transaction SU53 in the system. This can be used to display authorization data for user: