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How to use global variables in Ruby?

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 25-Jan-2022 10:42:44

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Global variables have a global scope and they can be accessed from anywhere in a program. Assignments to global variables can be made from anywhere in the program. Global variables are always prefixed with a dollar sign.It is necessary to define a global variable to have a variable that is available across classes. When a global variable is uninitialized, it has no value by default and its use is nil.Now let's make use of the global variable in an example to understand it better. Consider the code shown below.Example 1# Global Variable example # global variable $global_var = 15 ... Read More

How does Recursion work in Ruby Programming?

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 25-Jan-2022 10:39:32


A function that calls itself directly or indirectly is called a recursive function, and the corresponding function is referred to as a recursive function. Recursion makes the process easier and it definitely reduces the compilation time.We will try to understand the concept of recursion in Ruby with the help of a very simple example.Let's suppose we are given an array and we want to print the product of all the elements of the array, in order to do that, we have two choices, we can do it iteratively or we can do it recursively.Example 1Let's first do it iteratively. Consider ... Read More

Yield keyword in Ruby Programming

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 25-Jan-2022 10:33:05


There are often cases where we would want to execute a normal expression multiple times inside a method but without having to repeat the same expression again and again. With the yield keyword, we can do the same.We can also pass arguments to the yield keyword and get values in return as well. Now let's explore some examples to see how the yield keyword works in Ruby.Example 1Consider the code shown below where we are declaring a normal yield keyword twice inside a method and then calling it.def tuts    puts "In the tuts method"    # using yield keyword ... Read More

True, False and Nil in Ruby Programming

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 25-Jan-2022 10:29:39


We know that everything in Ruby is treated as an object, and so the true, false and nil as well. They are built-in types that Ruby provides to do different conditional checks and more. In this article, we will explore different examples of the true, false and nil data types and how to use them.True, False in RubyLet's start with a very simple example where we will check if two variables are equal or not.Example 1Consider the code shown belowfirst = 10 second = 10 if first == second    # If Condition is true    puts "True! First ... Read More

Static Members in Ruby Programming

Mukul Latiyan
Updated on 25-Jan-2022 10:25:26

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Static Members in Ruby are declared with the help of the class. Since Ruby doesn't provide a reserved keyword such as static, when we make use of the class variable, then we create a static variable and then we can declare a method of that class in which the static variable is defined as a static method as well.In Ruby, there are two implementations for the static keyword −Static variableStatic methodIn this article, we will explore both these implementations where first, we will explore a code example of how to declare a static variable and then we will see how ... Read More

How to Setup and Configure Ruby on Rails with ‘RVM’ on Ubuntu 16.04

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 20-Jan-2020 11:29:38


In this article, we will learn how to setup and configure Ruby on Rails, which is the most popular stack application used by the developers which is generally used to create sites and web applications. The Ruby is a programming language where the programer’s use with the combination of Rails development frameworks to make the application development fast and simple.‘RVM’ (Ruby Version Manager) is the command-line tools used to install the Ruby and Rails which also provides a good environment for application development using Ruby on Rails can also provide multiple Ruby environments.PrerequisitesWe needed an Ubuntu 16.04 installed machine with ... Read More

Python Vs Ruby, which one to choose?

Sai Subramanyam
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24


First thing comes in my mind, why to compare these two language only? This may be because both are interpreted, agile languages with an object oriented philosophy and very huge communities support. However, though both languages share some ideas, syntax elements and have almost the same features the two communities have nothing in common.Both the languages are very popular among the developer’s community (This is also one of the reasons to compare). Below are the top ten most popular languages in 2018 on GitHub based on opened pull request −Top 10 most popular languages on GitHub based on opened pull ... Read More