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Starter Kit to Learning Puppet Achitecture

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 27-Apr-2023 12:28:30


Puppet is a configuration management and deployment tool that serves as a safety net for IT infrastructure when SysAdmin teams become overburdened. With machine-like efficiency that humans rarely match, Puppet enables users to install multiple servers with identical specifications and thresholds, ensuring that all IT systems are maintained consistently. As a deployment tool, Puppet can autonomously install software, services, and applications on nodes. Puppet implements "Infrastructure as code, " codifying the procedures, directives, and other elements of an IT company. The tool is an important asset for expanding IT staff in even faster-growing companies. Let's start this Puppet lesson by ... Read More

Difference between cheerio and puppeteer

Updated on 26-Apr-2023 14:22:17


Cheerio and Puppeteer are two prevalent JavaScript libraries utilized for web scratching and computerization, but they have distinctive functionalities and utilize cases. Cheerio could be a lightweight library utilized for parsing and manipulating HTML and XML records, whereas Puppeteer may be a more strong library utilized for controlling headless Chrome or Chromium browsers and mechanizing web browsing errands. Cheerio is utilized for web scratching and information extraction, whereas Puppeteer is utilized for web computerization, testing, and scratching. The choice between Cheerio and Puppeteer depends on your particular needs and necessities. What is Cheerio? Cheerio could be a quick and lightweight ... Read More

What is Puppet? Components and Writing Manifests

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 27-Dec-2022 13:59:04


Think about a system administrator managing many servers. They can readily resolve any problems that may arise with one of the servers. But when several servers are unavailable, the situation gets severe. Puppet can be useful here. Using Puppet problematic servers can be deployed with ease. All servers are instantly reset to their original desired settings after the code has executed. The following subjects are covered in this puppet article Describe Puppet. Puppet's components Puppet's workings Businesses use Puppet Writing Puppet manifests Describe Puppet The configuration management tool puppet makes sure that all systems are set to a ... Read More