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How can MySQL work with PHP programming language?

Giri Raju
Updated on 20-Dec-2019 06:25:34
MySQL works very well in combination with various programming languages like PERL, C, C++, JAVA, and PHP. Out of these languages, PHP is the most popular one because of its web application development capabilities.PHP provides various functions to access the MySQL database and to manipulate the data records inside the MySQL database. You would require calling the PHP functions in the same way you call any other PHP function.The PHP functions for use with MySQL have the following general format –mysql_function(value, value, ...);The second part of the function name is specific to the function, usually a word that describes what ... Read More

What are the differences between JavaScript and PHP cookies?

Anvi Jain
Updated on 03-Oct-2019 08:09:22
JavaScript CookiesUsing JavaScript cookies is the most efficient method of remembering and tracking preferences, purchases, commissions, and other information required for better visitor experience or site statistics.PHP CookiesCookies are text files stored on the client computer and they are kept for tracking purpose. PHP transparently supports HTTP cookies.How JavaScript cookies work?Your server sends some data to the visitor's browser in the form of a cookie. The browser may accept the cookie. If it does, it is stored as a plain text record on the visitor's hard drive. Now, when the visitor arrives at another page on your site, the browser ... Read More

How to pass JavaScript variables to PHP?

Johar Ali
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:21
You can easily get the JavaScript variable value on the same page in PHP. Try the following codeL. var res = "success";

How to call Python file from within PHP?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Updated on 13-Dec-2019 10:47:39
To call a Python file from within a PHP file, you need to call it using the shell_exec function.For exampleThis will call the script. But in your script at the top, you'll need to specify the interpreter as well. So in your py file, add the following line at the top:#!/usr/bin/env pythonAlternatively you can also provide the interpreter when executing the command.For example

Integrating SAP with PHP

Sravani S
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
Out of several ways to connect SAP to PHP - Web services and RFC (Remote Function Calls) are more used by developers. SAPRFC is an extension module for PHP 4 and PHP 5. With SAPRFC it is possible to call ABAP function modules in SAP R/3 from PHP scripts. You can use PHP language to create web applications or interface programs with connectivity to the SAP R/3. You can also write RFC server program in PHP and call PHP functions from SAP R/3.

Is there something available in Python like PHP autoloader?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
No there is not. And you should not try something like that in Python. There's a good reason for autoloading in PHP which is that PHP scripts are executed from scratch every time you load some page. The opcodes may be cached and files may be already prepared, but the main point remains - importing another file actually means making sure its contents are loaded.In Python webservices, your files are not reread every time. If you import something, its imported for the lifetime of the app. Autoloaders in Python would be used only one time, not on each request.So autoloaders ... Read More

How to get the POST values from serializeArray in PHP?

Ricky Barnes
Updated on 20-Dec-2019 06:20:34
To get the POST values from serializeArray in PHP, use the serializeArray() method. The serializeArray( ) method serializes all forms and form elements like the .serialize() method but returns a JSON data structure for you to work with.Let’s say we have the PHP content in serialize.php file:ExampleThe following is an example showing the usage of this method:Live Demo           The jQuery Example                              $(document).ready(function() {                         $("#driver").click(function(event){     ... Read More

Connecting to SAP HANA server on Cloud using PHP

Nishtha Thakur
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
To get the server name of SAP HANA server, you need to check the virtual machine (VM) list.You can find this list under Virtual machine details of your corresponding HANA SPS5 server’s External Address property.Usually, the port number is 30015.For the problem that you are facing regarding the connection set up, you can refer below link for more details.

Communicating with SAP system using PHP

Rishi Rathor
Updated on 18-Dec-2019 08:44:34
You can communicated with any SAP system from PHP in many ways, but the preferred standard available choices areRFC (remote function call)Web ServicesPHP has got one RFC library to communicate with SAP. But the main job in your problem statement lies with your partner as they are the one dealing with SAP component. You need to check with them what they prefer services or RFC. Don’t forget to double check with them in case they already have any existing API (can be anything) which can serve your purpose. Because it entirely depends on them as in how they want you ... Read More

PHP Soap Client is not supporting WSDL extension while connecting to SAP system

Hayat Azam
Updated on 24-Dec-2019 07:03:28
The possible solution could be to update policy tag like thisUpdate the policy tag like this:And try the serviceAnother possible option is to change /ws_policy/ to /standard/ and you will be able to use PHP Soap Client to consume Web Service.Go to Web Service Administration in your SAP ECC system using SOAMANAGER -> SOA-ManagementIn URL of the browser, you can see the “ws_policy” tag -> replace this with “standard” and you will have WSDL without policy tag.