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Difference Between Paging and Swapping in OS

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 21-Feb-2023 15:07:22
Both paging and swapping are important concepts in operating systems that place a process in the main memory for its execution, but they are quite different from each other in many aspects. Read this article to learn more about paging and swapping and their specific characteristics. What is Paging? In OS, Paging is a memory management strategy in which the process address space is divided into blocks of the same size, called pages (where the size of each page is power of 2, and is between 512 bytes and 8192 bytes). The size of the process is then measured in ... Read More

Difference Between Linux and Windows Operating System

Updated on 16-Apr-2021 07:51:58
In this post, we will understand the difference between Linux and Windows Operating System.LinuxIt is an open-source operating system.It is free.The file names are case-sensitive.A monolithic kernel is used in this operating system.It is more efficient in comparison to Windows OS.A ‘forward slash’ is used to separate the directories.It provides higher level of security in comparison to windows.It is widely used by programmers, mostly for developmental, gaming, and hacking purposes.WindowsIt is proprietary software, i.e. it is not open source.It is expensive.The file names are case-insensitive.A micro-kernel is used in Windows OS.It is less efficient in comparison to Linux.A ‘back slash’ ... Read More

Difference Between CLI and GUI

Updated on 16-Apr-2021 07:48:54
In this post, we will understand the difference between CLI and GUI −CLIIt stands for Command Line Interface.It is difficult to use.It consumes less memory.It provides high precision.It is quick in comparison to GUI.The operating system of CLI required a keyboard only.The appearance can’t be modified.An input can be entered at command prompt only.The information is presented to the user in the form of plain text and files.No menu is provided.No graphics are present in CLI.It doesn’t use any pointing devices.It doesn’t help avoid spelling mistakes and typing errors.GUIIt is easy to use.It stands for Graphical User Interface.It consumes more ... Read More

Difference Between RPC and RMI

Updated on 16-Apr-2021 07:47:26
In this post, we will understand the difference between RPC and RMI −RPC (Remote Procedure Call)It is a library.It is an OS dependent platform.It supports procedural programming.It is less efficient in comparison to RMI.It creates more overhead.The parameters passed to RPC is normal data.It is the older version of RMI.It is easy to program in RPC.It doesn’t provide any security.The cost of development is high.Versioning is a complicated process in RPC.Multiple codes will be needed to build a simple application in RPC.RMI (Remote Method Invocation)It is a platform based on Java.It supports object-oriented programming.It is more efficient in comparison to ... Read More

Difference Between Time Sharing and Real-Time Operating System

Updated on 16-Apr-2021 07:36:09
In this post, we will understand the difference between Time Sharing and Real-Time Operating System −Time Sharing Operating SystemIn this type of operating system, a quick response is required to be given when a request comes in.It has a switching method.Any kind of modifications can be done to the program.The resources of the computer are shared externally.It deals with multiple processes and applications simultaneously.The response to a user request is given within seconds of time.Real-Time Operating SystemIn this operating system, the computation tasks are required to be given more importance before its nominative point.It doesn’t have a switching method.No modification ... Read More

Difference Between Network Operating System and Distributed Operating System

Updated on 16-Apr-2021 07:34:31
In this post, we will understand the difference between network operating system and a distributed operating system.Network Operating SystemThe main object of this system is to provide local services to remote clients.The communication takes place depending on the files.It is more scalable in comparison to Distributed Operating System.It has less fault tolerance.The rate of autonomy in a network operating system is high.It is easy to implement.The nodes of a network operating system can have different operating system.Distributed Operating SystemThe main objective of this system is to manage the resources of the hardware.The communication takes place depending on messages and shared ... Read More

How to install Selenium WebDriver on Mac OS?

Debomita Bhattacharjee
Updated on 30-Nov-2020 10:32:25
We can install Selenium on Mac OS. We shall take the help of Homebrew package manager for installation in Mac OS. Let us follow the step by step process −Install Selenium by running the command −pip install seleniumInstall the Chrome driver with the homebrew by running the command −brew cask install chromedriverVerify the version of the Chrome driver, by running the command −chromedriver −−versionCreate a test script and try to execute after save.from selenium import webdriver # driver initialization driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path="C:\chromedriver.exe") # launch URL driver.get("")If the below error is triggered −unknown error: cannot find chrome binaryIt means the version ... Read More

Top skills that would be handy before taking up a technical role

Raunak Jain
Updated on 27-Oct-2020 08:15:35
Getting through all the tedious interview rounds of big tech giants for internships and jobs is in itself a big task. But once you clear the interview rounds and secure a job or an internship, the journey does not end there. In fact, this will be the time you need to upskill yourself in order to keep up with the pace of shift in technological stacks that the tech industry goes throughIn this article, we will be discussing top skills that would be very handy if you would learn it before taking up the job or internship position. We will ... Read More

Running Docker Container as a Non Root User

Raunak Jain
Updated on 27-Oct-2020 08:09:27
When you run an application inside a Docker Container, by default it has access to all the root privileges. You might have noticed that when you open an Ubuntu Docker Container Bash, you are logged in as the root user by default. This can prove to be a major concern in terms of security of the application. Any outsider can misuse this and hack the entire Container along with all the other files and applications running inside the Docker Container. Hence, it becomes very important to perform most of the trivial operations as a non root user wherever possible.In this ... Read More

Creating a MySQL Docker Container

Raunak Jain
Updated on 27-Oct-2020 08:07:38
One of the most important features of Docker Containerization is that it creates a bounded environment for running the Application with all the necessary dependencies and packages installed. Most applications require a backend database to store data points. Oracle provides Docker Images for running MySQL inside Containers and thus it becomes an excellent choice for testing your database applications. It provides lightweight MySQL Image instances with cleanup features once your testing is completed.Docker allows you to download the Image containing the MySQL binaries and dependencies and creates a virtual filesystem. Note that if you start a Docker Container with the ... Read More