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Which are the Top 10 best CI/CD Tools Used by Programmers Today?

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 11:00:51


Maintaining current knowledge of the newest tools and technologies is crucial for programmers. To automate your workflow and guarantee high-quality code, you must use CI/CD solutions. In this article, top ten CI/CD technologies used by programmers are listed and explained why one should become familiar with them by 2022. Discover the newest CI/CD tools to stay on top of the game! Introduction The techniques of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), which hasten the supply of software-as-a-product, aid businesses in becoming more agile. The software development process is automated using CI/CD, which cuts the time to market from weeks ... Read More

What is Azure Stack and Its Design Patterns?

Shubham Vora
Updated on 01-Dec-2022 11:26:33


Azure offers a few distinct choices for managing cloud jobs. The primary choice I generally contemplate is flexible figure and capacity − dynamic process and capacity assets. This choice is frequently called Azure Stack, which is the sensible initial step for associations that need to move to Azure. On the off chance that you are building a regular Azure web application − for instance, a CRM application, site, or web−based business webpage − there isn't anything to design or make due. You simply arrange the process and capacity to use with Azure Stack. You do this by making a profoundly accessible and ... Read More

What is DevSecOps and Why it is Important?

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 10-Nov-2022 06:57:23


DevSecOps is a new word that has emerged in the software industry as a result of rising cybercrime and cybersecurity risks in recent years. It is essential for developers and businesses to implement DevSecOps in order to stay up with the demands of contemporary application and software development. 1. What is DevSecOps? Development, security, and operations all make up the acronym "devSecOps." It is the inclusion of security right away in the process of developing software or an application. Security was previously added to an application late in the lifecycle, following the development phase. The traditional development approach was ... Read More

Top DevOps Interview Questions

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 10-Nov-2022 06:53:57


The development and distribution of software products have been transformed by DevOps, which stands for Development and Operations. The DevOps technique prioritizes delivering regular, incremental improvements over sporadic, large feature sets. DevOps is quite beneficial for IT operations as, before the introduction of DevOps, the IT staff continued to have several internal challenges. This entire process changed with the introduction of DevOps. As it enabled the IT operations to communicate these issues to the rest of the company, improving collaboration and transparency. The top interview questions and answers to ace your next DevOps interview are listed below. 1. What is ... Read More

The Importance of a Sandbox Environment

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 10-Nov-2022 06:48:46


Sandbox functions as a virtual setting separate from your computer and network. Essentially, it is a testing environment that is isolated. Sandboxing is a secure and efficient method for validating one’s code, figuring out how it works, and protecting one’s data and network from threats. 1. What is Sandbox Environment? An isolated, secure environment known as a "sandbox" can be used to run, test, and view code without affecting the platform or system on which it is being executed. It serves as a duplicate of the user operating environment. In cybersecurity and software development, a "sandbox" is an isolated testing ... Read More

How to become Site Reliability Engineer?

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 10-Nov-2022 06:45:16


1. What is a site reliability engineer? In the past, the phrase "reliability engineer" referred to a more open-ended position that, regardless of the type of product, was in charge of overseeing the systems and procedures involved in its creation. Separately, as computer technology expanded in the 2000s, so did the size of the associated daily tasks, which gave rise to a brand−new profession in reliability engineering: the site reliability engineer. The management of computer networks, websites, and software development processes then gave rise to this position. Similar to a DevOps engineer in that both manage current operations, a site ... Read More

Five Steps to Building Momentum for DevOps

Aadyaa Srivastava
Updated on 10-Nov-2022 06:43:29


The term "DevOps" stands for "development + operations." This procedure enables the expert to bridge the gap between application development and its manner of distribution. DevOps, to put it simply, is the capacity of the organization to produce goods at a greater pace using new and enhanced software development and infrastructure management. This organization's quickness allows it to serve its customers more effectively and establish a strong presence in the rapidly expanding market. How does DevOps work within an organization? To improve communication between the members of the two teams, the operations and app development teams were combined into one ... Read More

Top AWS Certification for Developers

Shubham Vora
Updated on 20-Oct-2022 06:01:05


Amazon Web Services (AWS) preparing and confirmation assist up-and-comers with approving and constructing their cloud abilities. Permitting them to add to the change of organizations that are predominantly moving to cloud computing for those who need a vocation in AWS. There are many inquiries regarding the AWS confirmation for engineers, including the number of certificates that are right there. What is the expense of AWS testing and preparing, how long it requires to be guaranteed, what sort of occupations are accessible, and so on? Amazon Web Administrations (AWS) is the most broadly embraced cloud supplier, representing 31% of the market. ... Read More

Difference between Azure and AWS

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 05-Jul-2022 13:26:40


Amazon Web Services, known as AWS, is a cloud computing platform owned and operated by Amazon. It offers a variety of services, including compute, storage, delivery, and other functionality that enables businesses to expand their operations and become more successful. We can leverage these domains in the form of services, which can be utilised to construct and deploy different sorts of applications in the cloud platform.Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that was developed by Microsoft. It offers services in a variety of categories, including compute, storage, database, networking, developer tools, and other functionality that assists businesses in expanding ... Read More

How to import the tags in Azure?

Chirag Nagrekar
Updated on 06-Apr-2021 07:47:42


In the previous article, we have seen that we can export the Azure resource tags in the JSON file or CSV format. There are some cases when you rebuild your resource and you might need to restore your tags or someone with the authorized person to have azure resource access and he accidentally deletes the tags and we need to restore them. In such cases, if we have the tags backup already we can import them to the resources.In the below example, we suppose we have the Azure VM tags backup stored in the CSV file format and after rebuilding ... Read More