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SAP Crystal Report file is not opening in VS2015

John SAP
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
To start with I would suggest you to check SP level on Crystal Report Visual Studio. Try reinstalling Crystal Report and make sure your application is configured properly. There are various forums that you can search specific for Crystal Reports for VS like this:SAP Tags

Not able to save a SAP Crystal Report for Enterprise 4.2

John SAP
Updated on 17-Feb-2020 12:41:56
Note that you need to check if Crystal Report for Enterprise 2016 support specific IBM DB2 version and for this you need to check product compatibility guide for development.Are you using Universe developed on IBM DB2 then you need to ensure that you are using correct version of drivers JDBC/ODBC in IDT to create a Relational connection. You also need to ensure that connection is also published to SAP BI repository. If your version of DB2 and Crystal Reports is ok, I would recommend you follow below steps:First steps is to start, you need to create a System DSN in ... Read More

In SAP Crystal Reports, Putting 2 pages of data into a single report

Updated on 12-Dec-2019 10:11:25
You can do this by adding a group based on participant Id as primary key. Then you have to add ran description in group footer.In your group footer settings, check the "New page before" option

Difference between SAP Crystal Reports and CR for Visual Studio

Monica Mona
Updated on 16-Dec-2019 07:40:22
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 comes free and you can develop as many reports and can host runtime engine without any cost. Now Crystal Reports has been excluded from Visual Studio by default and you need to download it free from SAP site.You can use the following link for downloading CRforVS: RequirementsDetailsProduct PrerequisitesMicrosoft Visual Studio 2010Processor1.6 GHz or fasterMemory1GB (32-bit) or 1.1GB (64-bit) availableOperating systemsWindows 2003, Windows Vista PlatformSupportWindowsOnce you install this, you can still create a new Crystal Report Design in Visual Studio by navigating to the below path:Solution Explorer -> Right click on the Project name ... Read More

Getting a carriage return of report field in SAP Crystal Report

Amit Sharma
Updated on 14-Feb-2020 10:17:37
You can make use of split as below −// To split the text on carriageLocal Stringvar Array lines: = Split( {table.field}, Chr(20) );// To return carriage 1 less than the number of linesLocal Numbervar delimiters := Ubound(lines)-1;Let us see one more example, how to use split to divide a string in different lines.stringvar array x := split({table.fullname}," "); x[1] stringvar array x := split({table.fullname}," "); if ubound(x) >= 2 then x[2] stringvar array x := split({table.fullname}," "); if ubound(x) >= 3 then x[3]This will split a string in 3 different lines like“Mr”“John”“Harper”

Edit report generated from SAP Crystal Reports

Sai Subramanyam
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:20
It does not seem to be feasible to edit the report once generated. You cannot add a constraint or logic to allow your report to be editable.But there does exist a work around, what you can do is: First export the report and then you can change the mode of the document toRestrict Change or Editing. You can write custom code to perform this operation.

Displaying Records with maximum event number for each group in SAP Crystal Reports

Lakshmi Srinivas
Updated on 11-Dec-2019 07:40:46
I would suggest using this logic to suppress details if the current record is not the record with the maximum amount for the group.//Suppress Details if the current record is not the record with the maximum amount for the group {Event.Event_no}maximum({Event.Event_no},{Deal_NO})This will suppress each record except records with the maximum amount each group.

Suppressing the page header till the last page in SAP Crystal Reports 2008

Samual Sam
Updated on 11-Dec-2019 06:39:18
I think you would require to use “OnLastRecord” keyword for page header suppression. Below are details about this function:Function Description:This function returns “TRUE” when the current record being evaluated is the last record in the report.Returns:Boolean ValueAction:This function returns “TRUE” when the current record being evaluated is the last record in the report.Note that any field that you are grouped and you want to suppress on the last record for this group, or use the next () function as shown below:onlastrecord or next({table.field}){table.field} Example:GH1 (using Customer.ID as group) GH2 (using Sales.No as group) Details GF2 - has line drawn on it ... Read More