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How can I write in order with for loop or while loop?

Arnab Chakraborty
Updated on 20-Jun-2020 15:34:17


Example#include #include void main() {    int i,j,a=0,b=1,n;    clrscr();    printf("****************OUTPUT*****************");    printf("enter the value of n : ");    scanf("%d",&n);    printf(" the required order is: " );    for(i=1;i

How do I set up C/C++ on Eclipse in Windows?

Updated on 26-Feb-2020 11:21:22

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Step 1 − Install MinGW GCC or Cygwin GCCTo use Eclipse for C/C++ programming, you need a C/C++ compiler. On Windows, you could install either MinGW GCC or Cygwin GCC. Choose MinGW if you are not sure, because MinGW is lighter and easier to install, but has fewer features.MinGW GCCTo install MinGW, go to the MinGW homepage,, and follow the link to the MinGW download page. Download the latest version of the MinGW installation program which should be named MinGW .exe.While installing MinGW, at a minimum, you must install gcc-core, gcc-g++, binutils, and the MinGW runtime, but you may ... Read More

When to use C over C++, and C++ over C?

Kumar Varma
Updated on 18-Jun-2020 13:05:03


If you would like an application that works directly with computer hardware or deals with the desktop app development, C++ is an good option. C++ programs include server-side applications, networking, gaming, and even device drivers for your PC. However, if you need to code truly tiny systems, using C will result in less overhead than C++.C++ is well-rounded in terms of platforms and target applications, so if your project is focused on extremely low-level processing, then you may want to use C++. C++ is often used for large-scale, multi-man, complex projects where separate people need to work on modularised components. ... Read More

What is the difference Between C and C++?

Alankritha Ammu
Updated on 10-Feb-2020 11:19:15


Following are some of the differences between C and C++.When compared to C++, C is a subset of C++. All valid C programs are valid C++ programs.C is a structural or procedural programming language, while C++ is an object oriented programming language.In C, Functions are the fundamental building blocks, while in C++, Objects are the fundamental building blocks.C doesn't have variable references, while C++ has variable references.C uses malloc and free for memory allocation while C++ uses new and delete for memory allocation.C does not provide direct support for error handling, while C++ supports exception handling that helps in error ... Read More

How to wrap python object in C/C++?

Gireesha Devara
Updated on 24-Aug-2023 16:01:06


To wrap existing C or C++ functionality in Python, there are number of options available, which are: Manual wrapping using PyMethodDef and Py_InitModule, SWIG, Pyrex, ctypes, SIP, Boost.Python, and pybind1. Using the SWIG Module Let’s take a C function and then tune it to python using SWIG. The SWIG stands for “Simple Wrapper Interface Generator”, and it is capable of wrapping C in a large variety of languages like python, PHP, TCL etc. Example Consider simple factorial function fact() in example.c file. /* File : example.c */ #include // calculate factorial int fact(int n) ... Read More

What is the difference between ++i and i++ in c?

Updated on 12-Sep-2023 02:57:07

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In C, ++ and -- operators are called increment and decrement operators. They are unary operators needing only one operand. Hence ++ as well as -- operator can appear before or after the operand with same effect. That means both i++ and ++i will be equivalent.i=5; i++; printf("%d", i);and i=5 ++i; printf("%d", i);both will make i=6.However, when increment expression is used along with assignment operator, then operator precedence will come into picture. i=5; j=i++;In this case, precedence of = is higher than postfix ++. So, value of i is assigned to i before incrementing i. Here j becomes 5 and i becomes 6.i=5; ... Read More