With JavaScript how can I find the name of the web browser, with version?

Updated on 23-Jun-2020 07:01:42


To find the name of the web browser, with version, you need to try the following code −Example           Browser Detection Example                                  

What is the difference between setTimeout() and setInterval() in JavaScript?

Rishi Rathor
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 07:01:12


setTimeout( function, duration) − This function calls function after duration milliseconds from now. This goes for one execution. Let’s see an example −It waits for 2000 milliseconds, and then runs the callback function alert(‘Hello’) −setTimeout(function() { alert('Hello');}, 2000);setInterval(function, duration) − This function calls function after every duration milliseconds. This goes for unlimited times. Let’s see an example −It triggers the alert(‘Hello’) after every 2000 milliseconds, not only once.setInterval(function() { alert('Hello');}, 2000);

C# Queryable LongCount Method

Chandu yadav
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Use the Linq LongCount method to get the count of elements.The following is our string array −string[] emp = { "Jack", "Mark"};Now, use the LongCount() method.emp.AsQueryable().LongCount();Here is the complete code.Example Live Demousing System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; class Demo {    static void Main() {       string[] emp = { "Jack", "Mark"};       long res = emp.AsQueryable().LongCount();       Console.WriteLine("{0} employees in the Department", res);    } }Output2 employees in the Department

How to debug CSS/JavaScript hover issues?

Rishi Rathor
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 06:59:35


To debug CSS/JavaSript hover issues, you need to follow the below-given steps, Press F12 to open Inspect Element, in Firefox. In the DOM view right-click the element, and Select :hover, :active or :focus at the bottom of the context menuThe following screenshot shows how to debug hover issues −

Why is f required while declaring floats in C#?

Arjun Thakur
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 06:59:13


The f is a lowercase suffix set while declaring a float. It tells the compiler that the literal is of a specific type.Example Live Demousing System.IO; using System; public class Program {    public static void Main() {       float val = 30.22f;       Console.WriteLine(val);    } }Output30.22Above, we have set the float using f suffix.IEnumerable res = val1.AsQueryable().Intersect(val2);

Join, Sleep and Abort methods in C# Threading

Ankith Reddy
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JoinBlocks the calling thread until a thread terminates, while continuing to perform standard COM and SendMessage pumping. This method has different overloaded forms.SleepMakes the thread pause for a period of time.AbortThe Abort method is used to destroy threads.Let us see an example of Join() in threading −Exampleusing System; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Threading; namespace Sample {    class Demo {       static void Run() {          for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)          Console.Write("Sample text!");       }       static void Main(string[] args) {       ... Read More

When to use anonymous JavaScript functions?

Vrundesha Joshi
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The code while using anonymous functions is more readable when handlers are to be defined inside the calling code. Anonymous functions are declared inline. Normally, inline functions are better since they can access variables in the parent scopes.It allows for creating a function without any names identifier. It can be used as an argument to other functions. You can call them using a variable name.This is how JavaScript anonymous functions can be used −var func = function() {    alert(‘This is anonymous'); } func();Here’s an example −//anonymous function var a = function() {    return 5; }

How to Debug JavaScript on iPad?

Abhinanda Shri
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 06:57:14


To debug JavaScript on the iPad, you need to open the Safari browser.Now enable Web Inspector in iOS. In the Settings app, select Safari. Tap the Advanced option and start Web Inspector −Now select Web Inspector −Use a USB cable to connect the iPad to Mac. Safari opens and your iPad now visible in the DEVELOP Menu. After selecting, start debugging JavaScript.

What are different Navigator methods available?

Jennifer Nicholas
Updated on 23-Jun-2020 06:56:24


You can use several Navigator related properties in your web page. The following are the properties −Sr.NoProperties & Description1javaEnabled()This method determines if JavaScript is enabled in the client. If JavaScript is enabled, this method returns true; otherwise, it returns false.2plugings.refreshThis method makes newly installed plug-ins available and populates the plugins array with all new plug-in names. Netscape only.3preference(name, value)This method allows a signed script to get and set some Netscape preferences. If the second parameter is omitted, this method will return the value of the specified preference; otherwise, it sets the value. Netscape only.4taintEnabled()This method returns true if data tainting ... Read More

What is the role of clearTimeout() function in JavaScript?

Srinivas Gorla
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If you have set a time using setTimeout() function, then you can clear it using the JavaScript clearTimeout() function.ExampleYou can try to run the following code learn how to implement clearTimeout() function in JavaScript −           JavaScript Animation                                                        Click the buttons below to handle animation