AppML - Messages

Whenever AppML performs any action, it sends a signal via $application object to the controller. $application.message property describes the application state and we can act accordingly. For example:

function studentController($appml) {
   if ($appml.message == "ready") {alert ("Application loaded.");}


Following are the kind of messages that AppML sends to controller.

Sr.No. Message & Description
1 ready

When AppML is initialized and is ready to load data, then ready message is sent.

2 loaded

When AppML is fully loaded and is ready to display data, then loaded message is sent.

3 display

display message is sent before AppML is to display a data.

4 done

When AppML displayed data, then done message is sent.

AppML properties

Following is the list of important AppML properties.

Sr.No. Property & Description
1 $appml.message

Represents the current state of AppML Application.

2 $

Represents the name of the data item about to be displayed.

3 $appml.display.value

Represents the value of the data item about to be displayed.

4 $appml.error.number

Error number

5 $appml.error.description

Error description