Following is the list of AppML API for reference purpose.


Following are the AppML methods.

Sr.No. Method & Description
1 new AppML()

Used to create a new AppML object.

2 appml("name")

Used to return the appml object with the specified name.

3 displayMessage(text)

Used to display a specified message.

4 getData()

Used to fetch application data.

5 run()

Used to run application object.

6 setError(code, description)

Used to set an error with code and description.


Following are the AppML properties.

Sr.No. Property & Description
1 appName

Name of the application, id of the container

2 container

Container object

3 controller

Controller object

4 data

data object.

5 dataSource

data source.

6 displayType

Application Type, form or list

7 message

message object

8 error

error object

Data Object Properties

Following are the AppML data object properties.

Sr.No. Data Object Property & Description
1 data.model

application data model.

2 data.records

application records.

Form Methods

Following are the AppML form methods.

Sr.No. Form Method & Description
1 newRecord()

Used to reset the current form.

2 saveRecord()

Used to save the current record.

3 deleteRecord()

Used to delete the current record.

4 closeForm()

Used to close the current form.

Filter properties

Following are the AppML filter properties.

Sr.No. Filter Property & Description
1 orderBys

An array of order by field names.

2 orderByDirections

An array of order by directions .

3 queryFields

An array of query field names.

4 queryValues

An array of query values.

5 queryTypes

An array of query types.