AppML - Data

AppML provides multiple ways to fetch data to be displayed on an html page. We need to pass appml-data attribute the relevant value. Following are the ways to access data in AppML application.

  • Using Javascript Variable

  • Using JSON File

  • Using Text File

  • Using XML File

  • Using Database

In the following sections, we will have a few examples to demonstrate the ways to access data in AppML Application.

Access Data

Here is a list of the ways to access data along with their description.

Sr.No. Data File & Description
1 Using Object

Use a javascript object to display records.

2 Using Json

Use a json file to display records.

3 Using Text

Use a CSV based text file to display records.

4 Using XML

Use a XML file to display records.

Using Database

appml-data can be passed a server url which fetches data from database and returns data in json/xml format.