Why Anger Management?


Chronic Anger can have many short-term and long-term ill-effects on your health, social life, and personal life too. In addition to losing friends and breaking relationships with every passing day, anger also results in a general feeling of mistrust and loss of peace.

Anger affects your health

Prolonged periods of angry behavior exerts tremendous stress on us, thereby sparing less time for the body to relax. That results in health-related issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and insomnia.

Anger affects your thinking

Anger makes our judgment hazy and leads to misrepresentation of facts. It also results in repeated analyzing of the event. This drains a lot of mental energy, thereby leading to depression and hypertension, among other problems.

Why Anger Management

Anger hurts your career

People who cannot accept constructive criticism, and cannot handle creative differences or opposite opinions end up expressing their discomfort aggressively, which results in colleagues and friends deserting them.

Anger affects personal life.

Intense anger prevents people from socializing with you or feeling comfortable around you. Explosive display of anger also scars children's psyche for life.