Market Communications Research

In today’s world, if a company focuses on delivering good products/services at competitive prices, it does not necessarily guarantee success. Modern marketing system has various distinct components that need to be taken care of. And, it is possible only by thorough “Research”.

What is Marketing Communications Research?

Research is a technique of collecting, compiling, analyzing data, and based on that finding a solution for effective marketing communications.

Marketing communications and its management involves several issues that more often restrains the marketing communications process. So, to develop a well-planned strategy, research is the only solution for the successful marketing communications.

Objectives of Research

The main objective of research is to understand the type of messages that will work for your company and develop a strategy to execute both in the domestic as well as global markets. Effective and persuasive messages said at the right place and at the right time motivates consumers to take action.

Therefore, research normally helps you −

  • Design a persuasive message − what are the optimal messages for your products/services? How can it be delivered? What are the supporting components that can potentially help make your marketing successful?

  • Receive Feedback − Through research, you can come to know about the feedback of your audience, which is imperative to improve your communications.

  • Develop a Model − Based on consumers’ actions and/or reactions, you can develop a model for effective marketing communications.

Check Your Progress

  • What are the techniques of market research?
  • Why is market research important?
  • Define various challenges of market research.
  • What do you understand by design persuasive message?