Interactive Marketing

Technological revolution has brought about dramatic changes in terms of volume, frequency, and effectiveness of marketing communications. The increasing trend of internet technologies has given way to interactive marketing. The internet hosts human dialogue, in a way that influences thousands of audiences at the same time.

What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is simply an extension of direct marketing by using advanced technologies. Interestingly, it offers two-way communications between the seller and the buyer. Interactive marketing is also popularly known as “Digital Marketing”. Troy Sabin beautifully explained the interactive marketing through the following diagram −

Interactive Marketing

The advantage of interactive marketing is that it precisely communicates with the individuals/audiences and can easily customize the message, which is relevant to consumers.

Examples of Interactive Marketing

In the present world, interactive marketing is on everyone’s fingertips. For instance, shopping is just a few clicks away either on a computer or on a mobile.

Following are some of the most important platforms that offer interactive marketing solutions:,,, etc.

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