Advertising Agency

Do you know – What does a tailor do?

As a tailor’s job is to design a piece of cloth as per your choice; similarly, an ad agency designs your ideas into a complete audio or/and video ad tailored to your requirements.

Similarly, an advertiser gives an idea to an ad agency and in return ad agency returns back a fascinating ad.

What is an Ad Agency?

An ad agency is a service organization, specialized in planning, development, management, and execution of advertising program for the clients.

Making an ad is a lengthy process that involves experts from various fields. Ad agencies are usually independent firms offering qualitative work and assisting organizations or individuals to reach their target audience through their eye-catching audio/visuals. An ad agency plans, creates, researches, manages, and executes ad on different media platforms for the advertiser.

Functions of an Ad Agency

An ad agency has wide range of functions starting from the materialization of an idea, the commercialization of a new product/service to development of healthy public relation. However, some of the significant functions of an ad agency are −

  • To take the advertiser’s idea/message and transform it into an effective and memorable communications.

  • To increase sales.

  • To provide an integrated, professional, and quality services.

  • To accelerate the economic growth and create public awareness.

  • Gathering feedback given by the customers and other audiences for the future improvement.

Importance of Ad Agency

An ad agency offers an integrated solution under one roof to its clients (advertisers). It has qualified professionals, who are experts in their respective fields. For example, copywriters, jingle writers, planners, researchers, videographers, managers, etc.

The following salient features make an ad agency important −

  • It has great social contacts and huge networking.
  • Makes optimum use of every resource.
  • Provides quality work.
  • Saves cost to great extent.

Types of Ad Agency

Based on function and size, following are the most common types of ad agency −

  • Full Service Agency − It is a bigger firm having whole range of advertising and marketing solutions.

  • Interactive Agency − It is a smart ad agency using all latest digital technology. It offers pretty creative and interactive ad solutions.

  • Creative Boutiques − A smaller sized firm specialized in creative ad services.

  • Media Buying Agency − These sort of agencies buy and manage places for the advertisement and other sort of campaigns. It also manages the time schedule with the media to place the ad and supervises the ad to see if it is broadcasted properly on time or not.

  • In-House Agency − It is a full services agency, usually in-built and works as per the needs of the organizations.

Specialized Ad Agency

Specialized Ad Agency

There are some ad agencies, which offers only a particular type of ad service. They are known as specialized agency. They have highly qualified and subject expert professionals. For example, agency providing financial advertisement, medicinal advertisement, and advertisement related to social and political issues, etc.

Services Offered by an Ad Agency

An ad agency provides a whole range of advertisement and marketing solutions. Important of them are −

  • Integrated Ad Service − Provides services starting from strategic planning, creative designing & development, profound research, and media selection to execution.

  • Integrated Media Service − Offers services for both advertisers as well as for media including print media, electronic media, and digital media. It is a medium between advertisers and media.

  • Marketing Services − Provides a range of marketing solutions including advertising, sales promotion, campaigning, market research, event marketing, public relations, and many more.

  • Content Services − Provides content for all sorts of events, TV program, animated content, and for entertainment as well.

  • e-Solution − Provides whole range of e-solutions. For example, system integration services, search engine marketing, e-business consulting & customer relation management, e-sales promotion, etc.

  • Integrated Branding Service − Ensures advertisers and its clients receive branding service of the highest quality.

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