Campaign & Promotion

Suppose, you have one of the best products or services that you are offering on an attractive prices. But the question is – “How would I come to know about your quality products?

Campaign and promotions are the activities and technique that make your product popular among the customers.

Campaign and Promotion

What is a Campaign?

Campaign is a focused term that promotes targeted products/services for a short period of time. It uses various medium for communication such as pamphlets, banners, roadside stalls, events, etc.

Objectives of a Campaign

Campaign has some specific objectives, significant of them are −

  • To tell people — about the launch of a new product/service.
  • To tell people — where it is available.
  • To tell people — at what price it is available.
  • To tell people — from when and how long it would be available.
  • To tell people — what are the special features of concerned product/service.

What is an Effective Campaign?

The campaign for which positive response starts coming in just after a short period of time is known as an effective campaign. To make your campaign, the most effective and result oriented, you must focus on the following aspects −

  • Who − Represents the target audiences or target markets

  • Where − Represents the geographical locations of your target audiences and what media vehicles you are required to reach there.

  • What − Represents what messages need to be given to your target audiences.

  • Why − Represents the objectives of your campaign.

  • When − Represents the time schedule (availability of the product).

  • How − Last, but not the least, you need to plan, how you will deploy the available resources to run your business.

Planning a Campaign

Planning is the most necessary aspect of your campaign. There are a series of steps starting from the creation to execution; therefore, each step has to be defined adequately.

Planning doesn’t include only the creation, budget appropriation, and execution part, but rather it also includes the aftermath stage. Once a campaign is executed, you need to get feedback on the same. An appropriate feedback evaluation is a very good way to know the maximum Return on Investment (ROI). It is also a lesson for the next campaign.

Campaign Process

Advertisement campaign is a process, which involves following steps −

Campaign Process

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  • What is campaign?
  • How is a campaign beneficial for the products/services promotion?
  • What do you understand by ‘an effective campaign?’
  • What are the steps of campaign process?
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