Advantages of Project Management Professional Certification

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized designation offered by the Project Management institution (PMI). Project Management is generally referred to the process involving the following steps: initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

A person applying for this certification course has to have enough experience and when eligible, appears for a written exam. There are 3 levels to this designation; the first being Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), second level is Project Management Professional (PMP), and the third, highest being Program Management Professional (PgMP) – which qualifies the professional as a Team Leader.

With that being said, let’s focus on the advantages of having this certification and ways to benefit from it:

Increased Focus

Your career revolves around your success and this certification adds to the whole journey. Getting this certification shows that you are serious about your work and are professional in your approach. The interviewer views you as an eligible candidate, a clear plus point to your advantage.

A focused individual with extensive knowledge is always preferred and certification is the best route to showcase your skills.


Doing something for your future shows that, you are committed to a better living and a much professional lifestyle. Corporate lifestyle is all about commitment. This exam requires practical experience, sincere effort and reasonable knowledge, it also indicates your commitment and purpose to be in a leadership position in your organization.

More Money

When you are a certified PMP or PgMP professional, chances are, you can demand a higher salary based on your knowledge and certification. And you are eligible for it. Whether it is mid-career or for a new job, definitely worth taking the test. As much as 20% increase in wages of employees with this certification is observed in respectable companies.

As much as 20% increase in wages of employees with this certification is observed in respectable companies.

Helps in Resume Enhancement

Like any well-respected, recognized certification, PMP certification adds credit and weight to the Resume. Well known firms divide candidates as per their certifications. Those who have it definitely have a higher advantage. Project management is a serious field and if a person is certified then they are mostly preferred.

Helps Train Others

Companies, colleges, universities who are in the professional field value someone who is credited and knowledgeable and chances are, you would probably be invited to give training and speeches and share your experience. People look to you for advice and when it is based on the knowledge you have gathered and the professionalism you exude, it all settles down to a level of acknowledgment and appreciation that enables professionals to impart their proficiency onto others.

Newer Clientele

The value of a company that employees with a PMP certificate enables them to place their trust in that company. Clients like to know that their work is being handled by professionals and PMP certified employees can be experts on improving the business side of things. Thus, increasing the value of the firm and the individual.

Global Experience

This certification is internationally recognized, that means that your value for international markets and firms increases simultaneously. You are better prepared trained to take on bigger projects and global exposure to the field of Project Management. The training isn’t restricted to particular countries or one field. Neither are you with this certification, limited, endless possibilities.

Stronger Communication


Most professionals who have taken this training accept that this experience has taught them to better articulate, communicate, recognize and coordinate with their employers and employees. Same goes with vendors, suppliers, clients and colleagues. When you can gauge the situation better, it is easier to assess the situation and make decisions accordingly.

Network Growth

 Networking and social skills are further improved and allows greater opportunities with the corporate world. People appreciate the background and experience of the individual and keeps you growing personally and professionally.

Learner for Life

In today’s corporate world, success lies with the person who keeps up with the time and continues to make an effort to learn to keep up with the times. Seniority isn’t the only distinguishing factor for promotions and moving onto higher levels. The test also relies on renewing your credit from time to time. 

Respect for continuous learners never fades away.

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Updated on: 11-May-2022


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