A potted plant is growing in  a transparent glass jar. In this plant, X and Y are the two growing parts having a lot of meristematic tissue. It is observed that the part X of this plant exhibits positive geotropism but negative phototropism. On the other hand, part Y of this plant exhibits negative geotropism but positive phototropism.(a) Name the part X of plant.(b) Name the part Y of plant.(c) Which part of the plant, X or Y, will exhibit positive hydrotropism?(d) Which part of the plant, X or Y, can have tendrils on it ?(e) Which phytohormone causes the part X to exhibit negative phototropism?

(a) The part X is the root.

(b) The part Y is the shoot.

(c) The part X (root) will exhibit positive hydrotropism.

(d) The part Y (shoot) could have tendrils on it.

(e) The phytohormone, auxin causes part X (root) to exhibit negative phototropism. 


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Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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