What is if...else if... statement in JavaScript?

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The if...else if... statement is an advanced form of if…else that allows JavaScript to make a correct decision out of several conditions.


The syntax of an if-else-if statement is as follows −

if (expression 1){
   Statement(s) to be executed if expression 1 is true
else if (expression2){
   Statement(s) to be executed if expression 2 is true
else if (expression3){
   Statement(s) to be executed if expression 3 is true
   Statement(s) to be executed if no expression is true


You can try to run the following to learn how to work with if…else if statement in JavaScript −

Live Demo

         var book= "maths";
         if( book== "history" ){
            document.write("<b>History Book</b>");
         else if(book == "maths" ){
            document.write("<b>Maths Book</b>");
         else if(book == "economics" ){
            document.write("<b>Unknown Book</b>");
Updated on 13-Jun-2020 11:41:16