What are the most useful Python modules from the standard library?

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Most useful python modules from the standard library are −

  • math − Very basic mathematics module

  • re − Regular expressions module with very powerful functions for text manipulation

  • datetime − Basic dates and time manipulation library

  • json − For json to dict conversions, json manipulation, etc.

  • random − For getting pseudo random variables.

  • os − For interacting with the operating system

  • copy − for deep and shallow copying

  • sqllite3 − for interacting with the light sqllite3 databases

  • io − for working with streams

  • multiprocessing and threading − For creating threads/processes

  • urllib − For handling urls, sending requests, handling responses, etc

  • http − For creating http servers, manage state, etc

  • locale − For internationalization of your program

Published on 21-Dec-2017 07:22:24