Viewing an ABAP program outside customer space.

The program is prefixed with “AQZZ”. This indicates that this is either created by the SAP query via transaction SQ01. You might not be able to look at the query but you can identify the Infoset on which the query relies. You can then enter the Infoset in SQ02 and when you click on ‘Description’ you can find more details. 

Ad-hoc Queries T-Code: SQ01 

You can use this transaction to create ad-hoc queries/SAP Queries for reporting off the infoset in SAP module. When you run this T-code, you have to enter the following: 

Give the name of the query you want to create and hit create button. 

You will be asked the name of the Infoset that you want to use.

T-Code SQ02 −

This is used to include all of our tables or infotypes that provide us the data for our queries.