Moving SAP client from one system to other

You can also create a copy of the existing clients between local and remote system IDs.

Follow the below steps to create a copy of existing clients −

Step 1 − To create a copy of a client in local SID, the transaction code is SCCL.


Step 2 − Enter the following details −

Select your desired profile, enter source client, and enter description.

Client Copy

Step 3 − By default, the client copy is executed in a single process and you can distribute the workload on multiple processes to reduce time for copying.

Parallel Process

Step 4 − Copying a client can take longer. Therefore, this process can be run as background job.

Copying Client

Step 5 − To check the logs, transaction code — SCC3 can be used.

Copy Background

It is always recommended to use import/export option for client copy when database size is large. For more details you can navigate to the following link:

SAP Client Administration