How to get integer values from a string in Python?

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You can use regular expressions to get all integer values in order of their occurance in an array. You can use the following code to get those values -


import re
s = "12 hello 52 19 some random 15 number"
# Extract numbers and cast them to int
list_of_nums = map(int, re.findall('\d+', s))
print list_of_nums


[12, 52, 19, 15]

If you want to concatenate all numbers in one number and output that, then you can use str.isdigit method to filter them. For example,

>>> s = "12 hello 52 19 some random 15 number"
>>> print int(filter(str.isdigit, s))
Updated on 13-Jun-2020 06:53:22