How to create and populate Java array of Hash tables?

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One way to create an array of hash tables is to create Hashtable objects and to assign these to a Hashtable array using curly braces:


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import java.util.Hashtable;

public class HashTableOfArrays {
   public static void main(String args[]) {
      Hashtable<String, String> ht1 = new Hashtable();
      ht1.put("Name", "Krishna");
      ht1.put("Age", "28");
      ht1.put("City", "Visakhapatnam");
      ht1.put("Phone", "9848022338");
      Hashtable<String, String> ht2 = new Hashtable();
      ht2.put("Name", "Raju");
      ht2.put("Age", "30");
      ht2.put("City", "Chennai");
      ht2.put("Phone", "9848033228");
      Hashtable<String, String> ht3 = new Hashtable();
      ht3.put("Name", "Satish");
      ht3.put("Age", "35");
      ht3.put("City", "Hyderabad");
      ht3.put("Phone", "9848023848");
      Hashtable [] hashArray = {ht1, ht2, ht3};
      for(int i = 0; i<hashArray.length; i++){


{Name=Krishna, City=Visakhapatnam, Phone=9848022338, Age=28}
{Name=Raju, City=Chennai, Phone=9848033228, Age=30}
{Name=Satish, City=Hyderabad, Phone=9848023848, Age=35}
Updated on 16-Jun-2020 09:52:15