How to create a bookmark link in HTML?

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To create a bookmark link in HTML, you need to create a bookmark using the <a> tag name attribute. Now, add a link to the bookmark. Bookmarks are also known as named anchors. This is quite useful to take readers to a specific section of the web page.

Just keep in mind the <a> tag name attribute deprecated in HTML5. Do not use.


You can try to run the following code to create a bookmark link in HTML.

Live Demo

      <title>HTML Bookmark Link</title>
         <a href="#z">Learn about Scripting Languages</a>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Programming.</p>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on App Development</p>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Website Designing</p>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Databases.</p>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Networking</p>
      <h2>Java Technologies</h2>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Java Technologies.</p>
      <h2>Digital Marketing</h2>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Digital Marketing.</p>
         <a name="z">Scripting Languages</a>
      <p>Here are the tutorials on Scripting Languages.</p>
Published on 01-Feb-2018 06:21:54