Handling system failure, database corruption in SAP HANA

Persistence layer is used in case of system failure, database corruption or power failure to restore the database to most recent save point in HANA. Persistence Layer is responsible for data and transaction log backup and also to store configuration of HANA system.

Backup of data and transaction log files are taken as per Backup settings in HANA system configuration. It can be set to minutes, Hours and days and destination of backup is also defined under Backup settings.

When a backup is run for data and transaction files, system takes the backup from all the servers in HANA system.

Persistence Layer is used for back of data and transaction log files in case of system failure, database failure, etc. Repository stores all the design time objects to maintain the application data for processing and analysis. A workspace is configured with packages in HANA system where you work on the development objects. It is link between SAP HANA Repository and your local file system.

Anil SAP Gupta
Anil SAP Gupta

SAP Expert

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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