HTML5 Geolocation without SSL connection

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HTML 5 Geolocation is used to find out the location of the user. This can be without SSL connection. This can be generated as follows −

// Variable apigeo shows successful location:
var apigeo = function(position) {
   alert("API geolocation success!\n\nlat = " + position.coords.latitude + "\nlng = " + position.coords.longitude);
var tryapigeo = function() { "check the location on google map", function(success) {
      apiGeolocationSuccess({coords: {latitude:, longitude: success.location.lng}});
   }) //Gives success on given geolocation
   .failure(function(err) { //On failure, alert with failure is shown
      alert("error while showing geolocation! \n\n"+err);

Then various switch cases for the error codes can be generated, different error codes for different errors.

var tryloc = function() {//tryloc variable show current position
if (navigator.geolocation) {
      browserGeolocationSuccess, browserGeolocationFail,{
      maximumAge: 70000, timeout: 40000, enableHighAccuracy: true});
   / /this will show result with high accuracy
Updated on 02-Jun-2020 07:41:28