Different connection types in SAP Remote Function call

Following RFC connection types are available in SAP system −

Connection Type 3 (ABAP Connection) 

This connection type is used to specify connection between ABAP systems. You need to mention the host name and IP address of source system and also the logon information. This is applicable for both type of RFCs, between ABAP systems and external calls to ABAP systems.

Connection Type I (Internal Connections)

This connection Type I indicates ABAP systems connected to the same database as current system. Type I entries are predefined and you can’t edit these entries.

Connection Type L (Logical Destinations)

The logical destination connection type indicates a physical destination. Type L entry can also refer to other type L entries.

Type X Connection type (ABAP Driver)

When you create a Type X connection type, you have to specify the name of ABAP device driver. This shows when device driver in ABAP have been installed.

TCP/IP Connections Type T

This connection type indicates connection to external programs that use RFC library to receive RFC’s.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020

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