10 Myths and Facts About Water

Everyone needs to drink sufficient water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Despite the weather, ample water consumption is necessary to maintain proper health. Many need clarifications about the quantity of water that one should consume. Individuals need to be more aware of water.

If You are not Thirsty, You don’t Need to Drink Water

Myth or Fact- Myth

People often feel that they are not thirsty and don’t need water. But the fact is that thirst is not always interrelated to hydration. As per research, it has been noticed that the fluid level of any person can drop 2% to 3% of a person’s body weight without the feeling of thirst. It seems true as humans reach their old age and feel less thirsty.

The best way to understand whether you are well-hydrated is to check the color of the urine. If the color is clear, it means you are hydrated enough; else, you are dehydrated.

Eight or Twelve Glasses of Water Per Day

Myth or Fact- Myth

Many believe women and men need 8 or 12 glasses of water daily. It is hard to understand where people derive the concept of drinking eight glasses of water daily. It is tough to measure whether you consume 8 or 12 glasses of water daily.

As per scientists, until you are not thirsty, the water you have already consumed is appropriate as per your body type. The fact is that women should drink at least 2 liters of water per day, and for men, the quantity should be 3 liters.

Consumption of Water Can Flush Out Toxins From the Body

Myth or Fact- Fact

Consumption of ample water greatly benefits staying away from several health hazards. Human bodies can develop several health issues due to the consumption of toxins inside the body.

Hence professionals suggest individuals consume 2 to 3 liters of water so that toxins can get flushed out easily from the body. Once you drink enough water, your kidney will start filtering the waste products and release them via urine.

You May Face Tooth Decay Due to the Consumption of Bottled Water

Myth or Fact- Myth

Bottled water does not contain fluoride, and many believe bottled water can cause tooth decay. However, it is not valid. Tap water is added with fluoride; hence, it can prevent tooth decay, but it does not mean bottled water harms teeth. Thus all can drink bottled water without any worry.

Drinking Water Can Help to Lose Weight

Myth or Fact- Fact

Experts suggest that drinking water can initiate the process of weight loss. However, many have the misconception that one should drink water all through the day to lose weight. Drinking sufficient water will not trigger weight loss instantly, but it can aid the process of weight loss if you habitually drink water before you take a meal every time. It will help you to feel fuller and will help you to eat less.

Yellow Urine is Always a Sign of Dehydration

Myth or Fact- Myth

Many get worried whenever they notice yellow pee and think they are dehydrated. It is not always accurate because the pee will become dark yellow or brown once dry. The kidney filters toxins and various waste products. This filtration process can make the pee yellow.

Whenever You are Thirsty, You are Dehydrated

Myth or Fact- Myth

People often believe that they are dehydrated whenever they are thirsty. But this is not a fact. As per scientists, the human feels thirsty when the substances in water reach more than 2%. But humans will get dehydrated when this level of substance reaches 5%.

More Water Helps to Get Healthy Skin

Myth or Fact- Myth

There is the belief that water can give you vibrant skin. Water can keep you hydrated, but you must follow other measures to get healthy, vibrant skin. Several external factors, like food habits and lifestyle, are responsible for getting healthy skin. Besides, it would help if you also cleaned the face occasionally to get vibrant skin.

Sports Drinks are Better Than Normal Water

Myth or Fact- Myth

Nothing can replace the benefits of normal water. You may have noticed several advertisements for sports drinks that can keep you energetic. However, all athletes must consume normal water to get enough fluid into the body.

Never Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

Myth or Fact- Fact

It is always suggested not to reuse plastic water bottles as they can cause several health hazards. The chemicals in the bottles can mix with the water, harming the human body.

Final Verdict

Water is essential to survive. No one can deny the benefits of water for healthy living. It is necessary to check the facts and myths about water so that all can live healthily.

Updated on: 28-Apr-2023


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