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  • Adjusting Camera

    Since we already have the objects loaded into Layout, we can now start adjusting the scene

  • know Layout

    As I mentioned before, the Layout is used for completing your scenes.

  • Animation in Character FX

    ADD SOME FRAMES1. I Clicked the box marked red and typed 21 to give me 21 frames of animation, I will add more later. 2.

  • Ghost in the old House

    Creation of senescent effect on the interior image. Creation of the Ghost and mysterious effect.

  • Simple Skin Smoothing

    In this tutorial you will learn hands on the most common and simple techniques used by the photographers for skin smoothing.

  • Polaroid Snapshots

    Learn how to make one big shot in the form of several Polaroid photos with this photoshop tutorial.

  • Agency Layout

    Create a Design Agency Layout with this step-by-step tutorial

  • Studio Website

    A step by step guide to creating a professional web layout with a dark theme for Web Design Studios

  • Company Layout

    Create an Old Style Company Layout with this step-by-step tutorial

  • Black Web layout

    This tutorial will show you how to create a black web layout with a funky blue header

  • Video Blog Web

    This design can be use for any type of website or blog

  • Interior design

    Learn how to create a layout for a interior design company with this step-by-step tutorial

  • Web 2.0 style button

    Web 2.0 style button with stripes, highlight, and reflection. Includes Photoshop file download.

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