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  • Install AbanteCart on a Linux VPS

    Today we are going to show you how to install AbanteCart on a Linux VPS. AbanteCart is an open source PHP-based ecommerce platform for small or medium

  • Install Lychee on an Ubuntu VPS

    In this tutorial, we will explain how to install Lychee on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS with MariaDB, PHP-FPM and Nginx. Lychee is an easy-to-use self hosted

  • How to loop through a HashMap

    A brief post about how to iterate a HashMap using iterator, For-Each loop and For-Each with Lambda expression in Java 8

  • try-with-resources in Java 7

    Java 7 introduced a new form of try known as try-with-resources which helps in reducing the boiler plate code.

  • How to use Recursion in Java Programs

    Recursion is one of the important programming technique to learn. There are many problems which can be solved using recursion by breaking into small p

  • Oracle Pagination Query Example

    One of the common requirement of any Java web application to load data from database in paginated way, because sorting and paging in Java program is q

  • Array toString() and deepToString() Example in Java

    Have you ever tried to print array in Java, any array e.g. integer, long, string or any object? What do you see? Do you see its content, No. All we se

  • How to find links in a directory in UNIX

    How do you find all symbolic links in a particular directory, sub-directory or PATH in UNIX machine? Well, you can use multiple commands for that, for

  • What difference between nested and Inner class in Java

    There are mainly two types of nested class in Java, static and non-static. Out of these two, static nested class are simply refereed as nested class w

  • Java Enum Tutorial

    Enum is a powerful feature of Java programming language but unfortunately many Java developer didnt all of it. This article will help you to understan

  • Can We use Enum in Switch Case in Java

    Yes, you can use Enum inside both switch and case statement in Java. Earlier only int variables are allowed in switch clause and only integer constant

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