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  • Basic wire-frame models

    Drawing a wire-frame models is the simplest way of painting three-dimensional however is not used frequently.

  • Viewing 3-d objects

    How do you view three-dimensional objects. How to control the Viewports.

  • Isometric drawing

    The drawing here is a two-dimensional drawing by 2-d commands using two-dimensional drawing only(Lesson in Arabic)

  • Reactor basics

    We will teach you the basics, a simple car crashing into a wall of boxes, reactor does most of the work for us.


    If you follow this tutorial you will create cloth in 3D MAX in seconds.

  • water fountain tutorial

    this is a tutorial in making water fountain using 3dmax reactors and particles.

  • Creating a Rube Goldberg machine in 3D Max

    A Rube Goldberg machine is an exceedingly complex apparatus that performs a very simple task in a very indirect and convoluted way.

  • Making a 3ds Max scene using Reactor Water

    Hi there and welcome to this fun, easy tutorial which is going to teach you a couple more things about Reactor.

  • Light Tracer

    3ds max 5 has new Advanced Lighting features such as the Light Tracer.

  • GeoUV - Texture Map Pipe

    This tutorial displays how use GeoUV to create a texture map for a pipe.

  • GeoUV - Texture Map Tree

    This tutorial shows how to use GeoUV to create a texture map for a tree.

  • Texture Map Hand

    This tutorial shows how to use GeoUV to generate a texture map for a hand.

  • Ivy generator and 3dsmax integration.

    n this video tutorial you will learn to create rambling Luffa (kind of vegetable in Taiwan) with Ivy Generator

  • Air explosion with Afterburn in 3dsmax 9

    In this quick and concise video tutorial, I am going to demo you how to create realistic air explosion with SitniSati Afterburn 3.2.

  • Modeling A Snail

    Modeling a snail similar like the ones in Flushed Away The Movie.