You are given the following molecular formulae of some hydrocarbons:C5H8 ; C7H14 ; C6H6 ; C5H10 ; C7H12 ; C6H12
(a) Which formula represents cyclohexane as well as hexane?
(b) Which formula represents benzene?
(c) Which three formulae represent open chain unsaturated hydrocarbons having double bonds?
(d) Which two formulae represent unsaturated hydrocarbons having triple bonds?
(e) Which three formulae can represent cyclic hydrocarbons?

(a) The formula representing cyclohexane as well as hexene is C6H12.
(b) The formula of benzene is  C6H6.
(c) Three formulae representing open-chain unsaturated hydrocarbons having double bonds are C7H14; C5H10; C6H12.
(d) Two formulae representing unsaturated hydrocarbons having triple bonds are C5H8 and C7H12.
(e) Three formulae that can represent cyclic hydrocarbons are C7H14; C5H10; C6H12.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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