Write Emails In HTML and then Send Them using Gmail

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HTML email is also an email, but it is formatted similar like Webpages, using graphics, colors, links and table columns. Now, imagine any news letter which you have received earlier from a service, that’s how HTML email looks like, whereas plain text is an email which does include only text. Imagine typical inter-office email communication. That’s how plain text email looks like.

In general, email marketers do not debate which format is best. The HTML email converts in a better manner for marketing test always. However, few factors you must consider before deciding which email format to use. Lastly, there is solution wherein you will get the best part of both worlds.

How to Write Emails in HTML?

The HTML mail app allows you not only to compose but also send emails using Gmail API. By using your Gmail account, you can sign in and start composing emails using WYSIWYG editor or if you are very comfortable with coding, then switch to HTML mode and begin writing messages in CSS and HTML directly.

The HTML app helps you to send emails using your Gmail account but not like previous versions. You do not need full access to your Google account. You only require permission to compose and send messages on your behalf and will not be able to read anything other than this in your mailbox. This particular app is open source but you can anytime revoke the access from your Google Account’s page.

How do you send an HTML email from Gmail? Is it possible to embed HTML using Gmail?

Gmail allows you to send HTML emails, similar like all other email providers. It offers simple tools; it helps individuals to add varied styles to your text- like making the text bold or italic or adding varied colors to suit your style. While sending an HTML email, numerous things has to be considered. Not only one need to contend with spam filters checking the HTML design, the individuals also require to deal with lack of HTML email standards as well as support across 100’s different email clients.

Types of Email Clients

Many people are using few email clients, it may be desktop email client like thunderbird or outlook or it may be web-based clients like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. Few clients specialize in catering its services to business while few other specialize in providing its services to residential consumers. Only few clients stand out in offering best services.

Few things, one should do while designing an HTML email for a newsletter. One has to remember few things, which they need to avoid as it can be very frustrating, if they are overlooked.

Never Use Background Images in Your HTML Email

With the increase in the number of email clients, especially web-based and the introduction of Outlook 20007, we find support for background images has been removed. In case, if you are aware that your contacts prefer only those email clients which still make available of the background images, then you must go for it, but thumb rule is, one must avoid background images.

Avoid externally linked CSS

Few email clients still may provide external CSS, but we see, most web-based clients choose either to ignore them or they would choose to strip out the external CSS link.

On a same note, it is not a good idea to use CSS defined in the header of your HTML email neither it can be ignored by web based email clients or can be stripped out.

You must not use single image for Complete Message

We find Antispam filters are wise to this particular trick, that’s not all your message size might end up looking large by this action.

Your HTML email design must not be like a Webpage

When compared to email clients, the Web browsers are sophisticated, when it comes to rendering HTML. If you wish to use DIV tags to define the layout of your HTML email page, then do not be surprised if you find the layout is broken, when you recipients receive it.

When you write HTML codes for your website, all the above things definitely could be part of good HTML design practice but same things might cause problems in the email client environment.

Why you must prefer HTML Mail?

While Gmail provides excellent visual editor for email composing, but the big difference between the Gmail and HTML is that, later one lets you write and style emails in HTML directly. Presently, there is no way where you can insert a table in Gmail but in HTML mail app; you can do it with ease. You can either use the Table tool from the toolbar or manually you can switch the code view and add the table tag

Even When Google is down you Send mails using HTML Mail App

We also find that, if Gmail.com website goes down in few minutes, it does happen sometimes, you will be able to use HTML Mail app, minimum, you can send messages through your Gmail account when the Gmail is down.

Social Media Icons or Embedded Messages

In your email messages, if you wish to have embedded images or even social media icons, you must upload them to a site like imgur.com and you should put the URL of the uploaded image into the insert image box.

Limit Same –Both Gmail and HTML

Once you complete composing an email message in HTML Mail App, then enter the subject as well as the recipient’s email address and hit send Email. Each day you can have same number of emails as in Gmail, the limit for sending emails is same for Gmail and HTML.

Full-Screen Mode

In HTML app, you will have full-screen mode, in a distraction-free zone you can write emails. We find, the visual editor is powered internally through TinyMCE with few CSS tweaks.

The HTMl email is better when your main objective is to convert a sale. Secondly you should aim that your information provided by you must be visually organized. If you have in house who can create successful email template, then go ahead and choose HTML email.

Updated on 04-May-2022 07:54:05