Write a C program to print the message in reverse order using for loop in strings

Here we write a program to reverse the sentence without predefined functions. By using for loop, we can easily print statement in reverse order.

Program 1

int main(){
   char stmt[100];
   int i;
   printf("enter the message:
");    for(i=0;i<stmt;i++){       stmt[i]=getchar(); //reading each char from console till enter or newline char is pressend       if(stmt[i]=='
')          break;    }    printf("the reverse statement is:
");    for(i--;i>=0;i--) //printing each char in reverse order    putchar(stmt[i]);    putchar('
');    return 0; }


enter the message:
Hi welcome to my world
the reverse statement is:
dlrow ym ot emoclew iH

Program 2

Here, we will write a C program to reverse a string using strrev library function −

void main(){
   //Declaring two strings//
   char result[50],string[25];
   //Reading string 1 and String 2//
   printf("Enter String to be reversed : ");
   //Reversing using library function//
   printf("The reversed string is : ");


Enter String to be reversed : Hi welcome to tutorials Point
The reversed string is : tnioP slairotut ot emoclew iH

Updated on: 05-Mar-2021


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