Write a C program to find out profit or loss in buying an article

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The formula for finding profit is as follows if the selling price is greater than cost price −


The formula for finding loss is as follows if cost price is greater than selling price −


Now, apply this logic in the program and try to find whether the person gets a profit or loss after buying any article −


Following is the C program to find the profit or loss −

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int main(){
   float CostPrice, SellingPrice, Amount;
   printf("\n Enter the product Cost : ");
   scanf("%f", &CostPrice);
   printf("\n Enter the Selling Price) : ");
   scanf("%f", &SellingPrice);
   if (SellingPrice > CostPrice){
      Amount = SellingPrice - CostPrice;
      printf("\n Profit Amount = %.4f", Amount);
   else if(CostPrice> SellingPrice){
      Amount = CostPrice - SellingPrice;
      printf("\n Loss Amount = %.4f", Amount);
      printf("\n No Profit No Loss!");
   return 0;


When the above program is executed, it produces the following result −

Enter the Product Cost: 450
Enter the Selling Price): 475.8
Profit Amount = 25.8000
Published on 08-Mar-2021 09:55:39