Write a C program to compare two strings using strncmp library function

Strncmp is a predefined library function present in string.h file, it used to compare two strings and display which string is greater.

The strcmp fucntion (String comparison)

This function compares 2 strings. It returns the ASCII difference of the first two non– matching characters in both the strings.


int strcmp (string1, string2);
  • If the difference is equal to zero, then string1 = string2.

  • If the difference is positive, then string1> string2.

  • If the difference is negative, then string1 <string2.


The strncmp function

This function is used for comparing first ‘n’ characters of 2 strings.


strncmp ( string1, string2,2)


void main(){
   //Declaring two strings//
   char string1[25],string2[25];
   int value;
   //Reading string 1 and String 2//
   printf("Enter String 1: ");
   printf("Enter String 2: ");
   //Comparing using library function//
   value = strncmp(string1,string2,4);
   //If conditions//
      printf("%s is same as %s",string1,string2);
   } else if(value>0) {
      printf("%s is greater than %s",string1,string2);
   } else {
      printf("%s is less than %s",string1,string2);


Enter String 1: Tutorials
Enter String 2: Point
Tutorials is greater than Point

Updated on: 06-Mar-2021

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