Wrestling Singlet: A Piece of Strength

Wrestling is an ancient sport for human beings. With the development of civilizations, different sports have been developed and hence to make it more functional and error free, different new rules and safety designed. Earlier, these types of games could be bloody and life−threatening according to Jangle's rules and to the survival of the fittest. A wrestling singlet is a piece of fighting or wrestling apparel to protect the game and the wrestler. A wrestling singlet is a very essential piece of equipment for wrestling. Without it, the performance of a wrestler can be hampered. When one wrestler garbs another, it should be important that he or she can easily slip down from the hand, or play will be over.

A wrestler should move on from wrestling on the wrestling mat. The wrestling singlet evolved from the idea that wrestlers wore school uniforms in the early 1970s. Wrestling is an armature game that can be played under school authority. Wrestling is associated with old games where a wrestler should grab and pull down his opponent fast and move quickly under tough circumstances. A wrestler should think fast about the next move of the opponent or the game will be over. For this, he or she should dress in comfortable, ready−to−move clothing or garments that will aid him in every aspect of his game. With the comfortable fabrics and perfect cutting, a wrestling singlet can fulfil the wrestler's wish and his or her country's wish of winning

What is a Wrestling Singlet?

A wrestling singlet is a uniform−type garment for wrestlers or students of wrestling who are learning to become wrestlers in the future. Wrestling singlets can mostly be seen in red or blue, but they can come in different colours, associated with the particular team logo or signs. Wrestling singlets are one piece of clothing, but under the new rules, they could be two pieces of singlet. Professionals and trainers prefer a single piece of shorts over a top and a pair of shorts. Some singlets can be reciprocal or reversible; those can be worn by changing the inside to the outside to change the colour.

Functions of the Wrestling Singlet

It includes:

  • Fabric types of wrestling singlets − In singlets, a blend of nylon, lycra, or spandex can be used as a fabric. A singlet should have good stretchability for moving fast vertically and horizontally as well. But that should not be seen through.

  • Designs − Wrestling singlets come with screen printing, and some come with custom designs when sewn.

  • Special − stitching should be used for wrestling singlets for their construction durability, like flat−lock double stitching.

  • Stretchability − In the time of fighting, a wrestling singlet should have a gripping system in it. They can help to keep the legs in their places.

  • Wrestling singlet cut − There are many different types of cuts that can be seen in new types of singlets. In the wrestling singlet and in the traditional wrestling singlet, there are no cuts available. Cuts like racerback, designs like v−notch, hemmed bottoms, and wider straps are notable.

Wrestling Singlet Styles

It includes −

  • High−cut singlet − The high−cut is the most popular; it has a cut under the armpits and is thicker over the shoulder.

  • Low cut singlet − A low cut singlet allows you to move and dress quickly.

  • Fila cut singlet − This type of singlet is thinner over the shoulder and the lower cut reveals the ribs.

  • Colour − The colour of the wrestling singlet should be blue when they play outside of their schools. The colour of a wrestling singlet can be varied from time to time.

Types of Wrestling Singlets

There are various types of wrestling singlets for men and women. As, for example, men’s traditional fit singlet, champion fit singlet, fight shirts and shorts, women's traditional fit singlet, etc.


We all always want to watch and feel the spirit of thrill, victory, excitement, etc. with a sports person. Sometimes we feel their pain, rage, and loss. That’s the spirit of wrestling, an old game of ancient enjoyment and excitement. Wrestling is full of muscle power and remembrances of strengths associated with patience. For better wrestling, we need better arrangements and uniforms as well. Thus, in this piece of writing, the wrestling singlet is described vividly.

Updated on: 25-Oct-2022


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