Women in Leadership Tutorial

Women in Leadership Tutorial

Women play multiple roles in a society. Women have started entering the erstwhile male dominated leadership positions. As a result of increasing globalization and the opening of new markets in developing countries, and above all, for democratization of most countries in the world, we are witnessing a new class of women leaders. This tutorial deals at length with ‘Women in Leadership’. It has been divided into several important chapters, each discussing a significant aspect of women leadership. It also provides an account of world’s famous women leaders who are role models for many other women in the world.


This tutorial is useful for management students and professionals, especially those who work towards promoting women leadership in the world. The tutorial will help its readers understand the importance of women leadership in every sphere of life.


The readers need to have a basic idea about what constitutes leadership. They are expected to have an understanding on who leads and who are led. They should also know the importance of women in the society and in nation building.