Why is Visible Learning more effective?

A good teacher teaches the children putting his best efforts, whereas a better teacher evaluates the effects of his teaching on his students and tries to improve his way of teaching. End of the day, improvement in the status of the student and his learning is more important.

An improved process called as Visible Learning was made by John Hattie to help the teachers evaluate their teaching process. It says, “Know Thy Impact” by showing what the teachers have taught and what did the students learn, which enables to understand the gap so as to bridge it.

Visible Learning is the concept that helps students to learn the concepts in a way that they can become their own teachers, which helps them to be life-long learners. The book “Visible Learning” was produced by John Hattie after 800 meta-analyses of 50,000 research articles and identified patterns of about 240 million students. Explaining this process of evaluation Hattie emphasizes that it is the belief and commitment of teachers that greatly influence a student’s achievements.

Visible Learning helps the teachers to identify the present level of the students at learning and the desired level to which they have to reach and then to rate the progress using certain techniques to reach the targeted level.