Why is it important to discover your career passion, and how?

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Education today has become all about getting a job and good packages that can help you keep up to the rising standard of living. However, as many people are now joining this rat race, specialization and commitment to work reduce over a period of time. People also start taking a fixed path which has been set by the majority of the people. Hence it is now important for the younger generation to find the calling of their heart and discover what is their real career passion.

Plan for a long term Career

People today function with a fixed mindset. These individuals want to spend their 8 hours in the work place and remaining at home. They do anything and everything as told to them by their superiors at the workplace. All that they are concerned is about is good package and promotions.

Obviously, this has killed creativity, leadership, and innovation in so many minds. Your career passion will help you get out of this whirlpool and do something that excites you every day to contribute and utilize your knowledge and skills. You should be an asset with your ability and do your job with enthusiasm and not monotonously.

Do not follow herd mentality

Be the golden fish among the ordinary fish. Do not follow the herd mentality. People give in free advice and opinions about everything. When you ask advice of anybody regarding the career, you will be advised very easily to follow what thousands of others are doing. Hence, everybody wants to do something that already thousands of other youngsters are doing in this nation.

MBA, CA, Doctors and Engineers have become the default option for students today considering the reputation it has in society. This herd mentality shall not serve any purpose for you. Identify your skills and follow your mind. Do something unique like photography even if it is a longer career path to be walked upon. The satisfaction that you get at the end of the day is irreplaceable.

We need excellence everywhere

We would never have one Michael Jordan, one Sachin Tendulkar, and one A R Rahman if they would not have chosen their career by their heart’s calling. They have pursued the field in what they are passionate about. We need personalities who inspire the upcoming generations in sports, music, art, and so many other fields.

How do you recognize your career passion?

Your passion is something that gives you satisfaction. Your drive is something you want to do to bring about change in the society. Choose your profession and career as per your passion. Analyze what makes you happy and of course, you have to consider career growth and income while taking this major decision of life. While choosing the perfect career path it is very important to think about long term benefits and also listen to your heart.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24